Amazon India announced the expansion of its fulfilment infrastructure in Telangana with two new fulfilment centres in Hyderabad.

This expansion will help sellers offer a wider selection and enable faster deliveries of customer orders within the region and neighbouring states ahead of the upcoming festive season, the e-commerce giant said.

With this infrastructure, now offers storage capacity of more than 4.5 million cubic feet spread across four fulfilment centres to its more than 23,000 sellers in Telangana. It has also expanded an existing sort centre to offer an overall sorting area of more than one lakh square feet, in Telangana.

The expansion in Telangana is a part of the company’s recently-announced plans to add 10 new fulfilment centres and expand seven existing sites, across India.

“Amazon and Telangana have partnered on several initiatives since the commencement of our operations in India with our largest fulfilment centre in the country located in Hyderabad. We are delighted to extend the partnership further with this additional investment in the State helping us deliver safely to our customers at their doorstep,” Prakash Kumar Dutta, Director of Fulfilment Centres & Supply Chain, Amazon India, said.

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“This network expansion will help create thousands of work opportunities and will further help us support small and medium businesses in the region to fulfil their customer orders seamlessly. It will also provide an economic boost to the Telangana e-commerce ecosystem across packaging, transportation and logistics. Safety of customers, sellers and our associates and security of livelihood have never been more critical, and we are happy to contribute to both ahead of this festive season,” he added.

State’s Principal Secretary, Industry and Commerce and IT, Jayesh Ranjan said that Amazon India’s continued investment in Telangana is a testimony of the state’s business-friendly policies and provision of high quality infrastructure.

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“These new facilities will provide tremendous growth to the SMB sector and create job opportunities for local talent. We are pleased that this development by Amazon has come at an opportune time, ahead of the festivities,” he said.

Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world and sellers in India have been benefitting from Amazon’s expertise in fulfilment, reliable nationwide delivery and customer service. The specialized FC in Telangana will store thousands of products in the large appliances category consisting of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and TVs and from a selection of over 1.2 lakh products covering the entire furniture range.

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The other FC in Telangana will cater to customer demand for products in smartphones, consumer electronics, appliances, fashion and consumables category.

Amazon India’s commitment to India include four fulfilment centres in Telangana with more than 4.5 million cubic feet of storage space, a campus spread over more than nine acres, two sort centres in the state with more than 100,000 square feet of processing area, a robust delivery network with more than 80 Amazon owned and service partner delivery stations, and more than 23,000 sellers in Telangana and thousands of ‘I Have Space’ stores in Telangana.

Amazon India said it continued to improve its operational preparedness to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for its customers and sellers across the country, ahead of the festive season. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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