Tech giant Amazon is all set for a huge recruitment spree for 1,00,000 employees in the United States. This is the fourth hiring spree it has announced in the country in order to keep pace with the sharp rise in e-commerce due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

With a 40% growth, last quarter saw the biggest rise in the 26-year-old history of the world’s largest retailer. The news about Amazon’s recruitment plans shows how the company needs a lot of labour to pick, pack and ship products to the customer’s doorstep.

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The new Amazon vacancies are for full-time and part-time workers in US and Canada. They will include job roles at 100 new warehouses and operations sites it is opening this month.

“We will continue to deploy technology where appropriate, starting from a safety perspective” and “where we can improve our overall operation,” Boler Davis said in an interview, as per Reuters.

More automation

Amazon’s vice president of global customer fulfilment, Alicia Boler Davis said that the company is rolling out automation at its newest buildings as well. She didn’t say if that meant if it meant fewer employees.

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As per Reuter, she said that Amazon used it systems to collaborate with people, and that it wasn’t an either-or situation.

Winter holiday employment

Amazon’s senior leadership team member Boler Davis said that apart from the 1,00,000 hiring needs at Amazon, the company was also calculating their seasonal employee needs for the winter holidays.

Major Amazon recruitments announced earlier

Amazon had announced 33,000 vacancies earlier this month for technology and corporate workers.

In March, it announced 1,00,000 vacancies and in April, it announced 75,000 new job operations. This was for those people who had been laid off from other jobs due to Covid-19.

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Excluding contractors and temporary personnel, Amazon also employed 876,800 people as of June 30. #24x7newsalert