The one thing that everyone is talking about at this time is the recent COVID-19 outbreak. This is the first actual pandemic that hit the world since the 1918 Spanish flu. For sure it is causing a lot of widespread panic all across the globe, due to how easily the virus is spreaded and how severe it has the potential to be. Due to the extremity of this disease governments and organisations like the WHO (World health Organisation) from all over the world are taking desperate measures to do their best to slow down the massive spread amongst civilians. These desperate actions include lots of testing, quarantines, contact tracing, social distancing and even in certain countries like India, full lockdown.

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In India, the disease is spreading faster and faster day by day, with the largest number of newly infected people in a day on the most recent updates. This certainly led the Indian government to take necessary actions, in fact they went to full lockdown, restricting all mass events.This certainly was a big blow to the sports scene and everything that revolves around it. It seems that everything has to be put on pause. Due to there not being any sports, the sports betting scene, a massive contributor to the sports industry also took a hit where it hurts, considering there are no ongoing sports to bet on. 

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The Cricket industry is doing it’s best to contribute to this massive problem, by donating a lot of money to research and healthcare funds. Online Cricket Betting companies are also contributing to this mass event.

The Olympic teams are also on pause from all activities considering this year’s Olympic games for July are cancelled until further notice.

Other sports industries like football, rugby, hockey, and even Formula 1 are doing what they can to contribute to the nationwide pandemic. Donating millions to help out all sectors of the medical industry. For instance, F1 changed the aim of all their super high-tech car research centers, to the production of high-tech masks to prevent the spread of the disease.

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As we can all see everyone is well aware of what this disease is capable of and the majority are doing their best to battle this pandemic and beat the war against it. This phenomenon shows what a big difference contribution can make, where if everyone works together, we can accomplish whatever we desire. We must all fight this war together by following the regulations our governments give us and by this we would be helping the medical sector by avoiding an overload of patients to take care of, which causes more pain, desperation and exhaustion to those doing their best to keep us safe. #innlive