You probably have thought about starting a blog, but you don’t know what topic to start with, or you may have chosen a niche but you don’t know if that’s gonna be profitable.

Then you are in the right place. Today I will tell you how you can find the most profitable niche for your blog.

Let’s start if you really wanna commence a profitable niche blog and boom your idea.

What is A Blog Niche?

A blog Niche is a specific topic you will write (or create other types of content) about on your blog.

Well, what stands for a niche? Niche is the focus or main topic of all of your content.

If I am writing a book about technologies then my niche is Tech, every page, and contents should be as much as possible to tech.

For example, the niche of my website is “Blogging”. I write on this website about how to grow your business, SEO, Marketing, Offers, Hosting, Plugins, and more. But my Main niche is Blogging and all of my contents are related to my niche.

And really, the Blogging niche really suits me! Becuase i have knowledge in this niche.

And you should always start your first blog in your interested niche.

There are plenty of niches available to start with, namely: Tech, Fashion, Health, Sports, Commerce, Study, and so on…

But which one you should choose amongst them? Health or Sport? What about Tech?

That’s an interesting question! I had also faced the same problem when I was about to start my first blog.

But I overcome that issue and now as I am experienced with niche blogging. I would like to share my experience with the most profitable Blog Niches for you.

Why Do You Need A Blog Niche?

Why a Niche really matters?

Firstly, Why do you need a blog? Probably to make money!

Then why do you need a niche? The answer is: To write about.

A blog’s purpose is to share your thoughts and ideas with others!


But you can’t share anything that you get into your mind randomly.

There’s no restriction to choose a wider niche but researches have shown that the more dedicated the niche is, the more you can rank faster.

I mean like if I am blogging on the ” How to Grow Business” niche, I will have to spend and try multiple times harder than other large companies.

Because that is a really wide and high competition niche. There are more specific categories in my niche.

There are more certain and dedicated topics in my niche category such as: generating sales, make money, marketing, SEO, etc.

So always go deep in your niche and find a specific topic to start your blog.

I hope you got the point!

Anyway, it is not guaranteed that people gonna like the contents of your personally chosen niche.

But If you make content on a high-demand niche, and people find your content useful then there’s a high chance for the audience to see your blog content.

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Now, The problem is Everyone has different ideas and different mindset of thinking.

Let me tell you my story of one of my blog:

The blog I started in my initial time was about the video games niche. I was trying hard on my blog for a year.

I was writing content for all the audiences who were interested in video games, competing with thousands of other large websites, and blogs but I didn’t know things were messing up!

So what’s the lesson?

You should blog on as much dedicated niche as possible.

The gaming industry is massive. The chance of success for a new blogger on that market would be very very less.

So, after I realized my mistake. I transferred my blog in the dedicated and micro-niche in the “Video Games” category and that was like one-person shooting games and real gaming strategy.

Fun fact: After we started working with that more dedicated niche, unbelievably, I got success within less than 4 months!

Which Blogging Niche, Finally?

I’m often asked is a tech blog is a good choice?

Well, If I was a tech blogger I would target audiences who are interested in purchasing products of these fields:

  • Graphics design or Web Design (For that you need to have skills)
  • Physical gadgets (need investment and product source with managing)
  • Media products (Videos, Infographics)
  • Marketing services (You need to have good marketing skills)

We can see that working with a tech niche needs a little bit of good experience as this is one of the most valuable and competitive sectors.

But If you wanna rank and get success faster than there are other niches too.

How To Brainstorm Ideas For Your Blog Niche

So, you are looking for a profitable blog niche?

But From where would that come from?

At this point, you just need to brainstorm. Yeah, The intellect of others would not work because not everyone is the same.

In the meantime, You don’t have to think about the feasibility of the niches you may have already thought.

Just go and find a big list of niches you might be interested to blog on.

Some good ways to generate powerful ideas in your mind would be:

  • Your room can be an Idea – Just look around your room and objects. The things you own could be a niche for your blog.
  • Your Daily Life Activities – What you do on a daily basis? Is there anything interesting you can find in your daily life? Fun, Travel, Student hacks could be an example.
  • The Blogs You Read – what type of blogs do you usually read often? The topic you priorities more when reading could be your niche. For example, If you love to read fashion-related blog articles or books then you probably have gathered a lot of information about that and you can easily share your thought with others through a blog.
  • E-commerce Platforms – Have a look at the popular categories of Amazon, E-bay, Ali Express, or other shopping platforms. You can see your order history and interesting products too.
  • Check Out The Affiliate Networks –  There are plenty of affiliate websites and platforms you can find around. Have a look at their most selling products and strategies. You can start with their topics if you are familiar.
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Don’t get upset if you haven’t found a topic yet. I will share a complete list of 100+ niches and you can choose the best suited for you.

How To Know If Your Chosen Topic/Niche Is Really Valuable?

If you have chosen a niche then it’s time to validate and judge so that you can know about the demand and competition of that particular niche.

But wait, If you haven’t found a niche yet then there’s no need to worry. Still, You should see the process of how to judge a niche competition and demand.

Because sooner or later you will eventually find a topic for you and then you should obviously know the details of your niche.

For Example, I have chosen a niche “Fashion Designing Tricks” and I am gonna know about the competition and demand for this niche.

I will Use Semrush, A popular and essential SEO tool for researching Keywords.

If you don’t know about Semrush then click the link to get a detailed guide of semrush how you can use it for 10X Blog Traffic.

First, click this link to Get 7 Days Free Semrush Pro Account, and go to Semrush and go to the “Keyword Overview” tab by selecting “SEO Toolkit” from the upper left corner.


Then on the Keyword Overview Page, enter the niche or topic you have chosen.

Select your destination country and hit the green “Analyze button”.


The next page will show you all the essential stats to judge your Keyword including  Monthly Search Volume in Your Country, Global Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, and so on…

But for now, only knowing those three stats are enough for you to judge the keyword.

I am seeing that my niche’s monthly search volume in India is 480 per month which is really good as the primary.

But the difficulty for that keyword is 81% which is considered very Hard.

You should always choose a niche or keyword with a difficulty rate of less than 30%.


I hope You have understood how to judge a keyword.

By this way, using Semrush you can choose the best topic for you to start with.

When You Will Finally Pick Up A Niche?

You may have chosen multiple niches and confused which one to start with or if you have chosen a single niche, you don’t have enough courage to go with that in lack of knowledge.

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Well, as you are going to make a big decision it’s necessary to know more If you really should begin with your preferable topic.

Here are some steps you can follow to ensure that your choice suits your blog:

  • Prioritize Passion Not Preference – Do you really like the topic you have chosen? Or do you only wanna chose that because of its high demand? Remember, You have to be enough passionate about your chosen niche.
  • How Interested people are – Don’t forget about your audience! Prefer a topic that lots of other people like and Intend on writing continuous articles.
  • Research Your Topic – Research the topic you have found out on Semrush and know If that deserves really a good audience.
how to choose a profitable niche

So, How do you chose a blog niche according to those three criteria that really get A+?

Well, Please consider answering the below three questions and get to know if you should finally pick up the niche or not.

Q1: Will I Love Writing About This Topic One Year And More Than 50 Contents?

I have seen many bloggers start off their blogs with strong intentions and confidence.

But they give up after a month or two— That’s not really the sign of a successful blogger.

If you hope that you are confident enough to stick to your niche for years then you should go with your niche.

According to, most bloggers fail only for a lack of passion.

Keep in mind: You may take strict steps to start a blog on a harder niche but remember, consistently blogging on a hard niche is tough than you think.

So, consider thinking again if you have taken a tough niche.

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Q2: Are There Other People Who Want To Read This Topic?

I have shown the way of judging your keyword through Semrush earlier.

You have to do research on Semrush to know the value and demand of your keywords.

Remember not to choose keywords with over 40% difficulty.

But if you still intend to choose a high-competitive niche than you have to be a more than enough passionate person.

You can use google trends to find out if the interest of a certain topic is either decreasing or increasing.

Go to Google Trends

Select Your country, Enter the keyword, and get boomed!

google trends

  • Save

The next page will show you the correct interest stats for your topic.

google trends results

  • Save

Q3: Can I Make Money From This Niche?

Is the niche capable enough to give you what you need?

I mean there are several ways to make money from a blog, namely:-

  • Adsense (Showing Ads)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Selling Other’s product for a commission)
  • Product/Service Selling (Selling Your Product)
  • Sponsor Ads (Monetizing Blog With Sponsor Ads)
  • Selling Your Blog At a Time.
  • Link Selling (Get paid by giving a link to other’s website)
  • Promoting (promote someone or business and get paid)


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