The ruling BJP has lost its allies like Shiv Sena in the recent past, the party wishes to join hands with the new friendly parties and make them allies. In the process, an open offer to join NDA is extended to the YSRCP from Andhra Pradesh.
Let us see the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats surrounding this political knot.
A political insider says, “The offer is an old one. But YSRCP has been thinking if they lose the minority vote bank that proves to be the strong support. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been this late to decide”.
Explaining further he also said, “YS Jagan has been preferring to stay outside and support on issue basis. This kind of relation at a reasonable distance will be a peaceful model to rule the state, he believes. If YSRCP joins NDA, then the right to demand the Center to support the state can be used only in moderation. That’s a probable weakness here”.
When asked about the political opportunity for YS Jagan, the analyst explained, “Yes, there is a bigger opportunity for sure if he can place three quid pro co proposals.
One, he can ask for a CBI probe into Amaravati land issue and other aspects of governance during Chandrababu’s reign. That way he can permanently trouble CBN and other TDP leaders.
Two, he can ask for the quick clearance of all the pending cases on him forever.
Three, he can demand for a special package for the state to develop.
If these three things get a nod from the Center, then without second thought the party can join NDA.
People will be more concerned towards the third one here”.
When asked about the threat, the analyst concluded saying, “Though there is an assumption that the party may distance minority voters, with this decision, I don’t believe in it. Caste and religion though play some role, we should not forget the fact that majority of Hindus are also inclined towards YSRCP, otherwise the kind of victory the party has seen is not possible. In a similar way, joining in NDA may not distance the minority voters as long as their needs are fulfilled from time to time”. #KhabarLive #hydnews
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