With Sankranti around the corner, many places in Hyderabad decked up with colourful kits for sale. However, not much rush is being witnessed at the kite and manja shops pushing the entrepreneurs into losses. Along with the pandemic, people are unwilling to go the kite shops or gather together for kite flying.

In the last two days, the sales have further dipped due to the change in weather conditions which led to the rainfall in many parts of Telangana.

A kite seller said that they are facing losses due to the adverse impact of the pandemic which affected the customers as their incomes are hit. Usually, the cold weather and rain hit the sales of kite and manja every year and now, the pandemic led to the massive dip in sales, he said.

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The kites are priced between Rs 10 and Rs 150 depending on the material, design and size of the kite. Although, a variety of new designs are available this year, children are restricted to go outdoors due to the coronavirus scare, say traders.

On the other hand, manja sellers are facing severe losses due to the pandemic. “There has been no business for us this year and no orders have been placed by the small kite traders who set up shops in the localities due to the uncertainty this year, so there is absolutely no work,” a manja maker said. #KhabarLive #hydnews