Food from the pantry cars in trains had always been least favourite among passengers, but now, things are changing. No, the pantry food will be the same, but you can order yours from a hotel outside, even a Domino’s pizza, if things go as per plan.

The catering arm of the Indian Railways, the Indian Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), has recently resumed e-catering services for passengers. The facility was launched just before Covid-19 but had to be suspended following the lockdown and disruption of train operations.

The IRCTC launched the facility along with a new e-catering app ‘Food on Track’ for food delivery on trains. Passengers can install the app on Android or iOS and get their food delivered in the train from a variety of food partners.

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With the new online food delivery app, passengers can order food by entering travel details including the PNR number, train name, seat/berth number and expect the food to be delivered on the train before the journey starts. Just like booking train tickets from the IRCTC app or website, travellers can log on to or download the Food on Track app.

IRCTC has also extended the ordering of food for long train journey through phone call (1323).
According to Bhujanga Rao, Joint General Manager, Catering Services (IRCTC), South Central Zone, ‘Food on Track’ was launched in major railway stations in South Central Railway including Secunderabad, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam. “We will extend this to Kacheguda and Hyderabad railway stations in the next phase,” he said. Rao said e-catering services were evoking a good response from passengers.

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“From Secunderabad, we have Sandarshini Hotel and Annapurna Hotel. We are planning to include Domino’s and Faaso’s as well soon,” he added.

According to IRCTC, food services in trains is bound to grow as passengers are already lining up to place online orders rather than packing heavy lunch boxes from home. Though there are stalls offering food in every station, the discomfort of leaving berths and their belongings and the possibility of passengers missing the journey has prompted IRCTC to introduce e-catering services.

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“E–catering service promises fresh food delivery on the train without compromising on taste and also ensures cost-effectiveness,” officials said. #KhabarLive #hydnews