On the wide expanses of Hitech City’s roads, in the midst of a huge residential area, is Roast the caffeine capital, a place of comfort, coffee and confectionery.

The cafe is a quiet, pretty place, with a lot of plants and greenery adding beauty to the interiors. The seating arrangement can fit a good 30-40 people in the cafe with ample space to walk around without bumping shoulders. Brightly lit by the sunshine pouring in through big glass windows on one side, the atmosphere is cheerful and warm – perfect for a leisurely meal.

The cafe has a menu of everyone’s favourite classics, from burgers to steak, each dish is a carefully curated affair with some dishes carrying a little local twist. The coffee menu (which is a whole menu by itself) is a straightforward collection of the basic favourites, from aeropress, pour overs to iced coffee and lattes. The coffee is good but steeply-priced for basic artisanal coffees. The confectionary is absolutely delicious, with their in-house baked goodies like croissants, galettes, danishes and other pastries. The peach danish was an exceptionally good pastry, with the right amount of sweetness and flaky pastry.

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The breakfast options are all impressive as well, with fluffy, flavourful French toast served with ice cream and strawberries. The eggs Benedict were runny and gooey- those who enjoy their runny yolks are bound to enjoy this for a morning meal. The main course of Chicken Stroganoff was a little too salty, but the chicken tikka sandwich was a treat as its spicy tangy filling perfectly complemented the sweet grilled bread. The menu changes often, so there is not much surety on the availability of these particular dishes at any given time. The service was a little late, but worth the wait!

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One wall of the cafe is a huge bookshelf with all the popular favourites, including children’s books and a few Telugu and Hindi options. Board games are a favourite too, and the charming murals on the wall give the place its artistic vibe. The cafe itself is easy to spot and is not too far away from the main road, and the quiet surroundings impart a feeling of serenity that is perfect for a laid-back, lazy meal. #KhabarLive #hydnews