During pandemic most people preferred to stay at home, and as a part of their routine relax many flocked to plugged in the dating apps for their leisure entertainment.

A survey reveals that many Indians prefer old school dates and mushy romance, where similar taste in food is the most favoured common ground that people are looking for

We may be living in times when dating is all about ‘right swipes,’ ‘right words,’ and ‘being woke.’ But old-fashioned love still hasn’t lost its charm. Many still enjoy a nice film with their date while others wouldn’t think twice before serenading their love with heartfelt sonnets, songs and flowers. QuackQuack, an online dating app, released insights into how Indians are looking at dating in the forthcoming year, after having been stricken by the global pandemic.

The year 2020 has been an unprecedented one. As the basic need to connect with other humans amplified during and after lockdown, more people flocked to the popular dating apps to fill that void. In an era when video calls are making it easy for us to see our partner located oceans away from us, 65 per cent still prefer to engage in longer text conversations that help them express themselves better, akin to writing long love letters back in the day. Out of the lot, women make up the major chunk with 90.8 per cent preferring to text over video call. Surprisingly, 60 per cent of people hailing from metros/bigger cities also come within the category of people preferring long text messages over quick video calls.

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Simultaneously, in the backdrop of the ongoing health crisis, Indian millennials aren’t letting their guard down. 60 per cent of people in the age bracket of 18-30 wear a mask when meeting their date. Amongst these, women are more cautious with 90 per cent stating that they never forget to wear a mask on a date.

Speaking about dating people from native city or a different city, nearly 68 per cent of people aged 31 and above prefer dating from their location to avoid the risk of travelling as against majority youngsters who did prefer dating people from their location but were open to the idea of dating from other cities as well. Out of these, women were more curious to meet people from other cities as compared to men who would still prefer dating from their own location. People from big cities (66 per cent) were more cautious in this regard as against those from smaller cities (58 per cent) who are more enthusiastic about dating from far off cities as well.

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But surprises don’t stop just there. Known for their love for food, about 64 per cent of Indians feel that matching food taste matters as having similar food taste is a sign of great compatibility, with women (66 per cent) attaching higher importance to it compared to men (61 per cent). Dating is also a way to move on for many. More than 70 per cent of people from both top cities and smaller cities/towns would go ahead and meet new people to get over toxic relationships.

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“Despite having spent the entire last year in gloom and doom, Indians are still keeping their hopes alive in the new year and haven’t given up on the idea of finding love. It is heartening to see that people are open to traveling across cities and trying new experiences for the sake of companionship. Dating apps sure have been a blessing in disguise for many given the current circumstances.” says Ravi Mittal, Founder, CEO, QuackQuack.

Dating apps have even proven to be a meaningful exercise for many. About 25 per cent of those aged 31 and above said that meeting new people online helped them overcome loneliness and 15 per cent got over depression in 2020. Looking at these trends, it can be said that the Indian dating scenario is definitely going to catch more steam in the times to come. #KhabarLive #hydnews