The second wave of the pandemic is upon you and many Indian states have already announced a full-fledged lockdown. If you are a resident of Kolkata, you must be aware of the lockdown rumors doing the rounds amidst schools being shut down again and offices providing WFH options. 

What do you need in such a situation? You need to think ahead and make your home as comfortable as possible so that you don’t miss the outside world. 

And what is that one piece of furniture where you can take an afternoon sister or stay glued to the next Netflix series without experiencing back pain? You guessed it right – the sofa or the couch. If you have a comfortable sofa in your house, you know that’s where you’ll be spending your days. 

A sofa is the centerpiece of any living room and also the most-used piece of furniture that is going to stay around for several years. Maintaining a sofa is going to be a commitment, but it can truly spruce up your living space. 

Even renowned interior designers cannot have enough of a sofa. For instance, interior designer Alexis Rodgers has found that white sofas are her go-to. Forbes has quotes her saying that many of her living rooms showcase pair of white sofas or a classic white sofa. 

But, selecting a sofa is easier said than done. When you walk into a sofa showroom in Kolkata, you will be hit by an overwhelming feeling just looking at the sheer variety of sofa options. Since the sofa is going to be the focal point of your home, you would want to make the right decision. After all, once the choice is made, replacing the sofa is going to be a tedious job. 

Taking into consideration the fears and terrifying thoughts of most first-time sofa buyers, here is a guide to help you pick your dream sofa. 

Factors to consider when buying a sofa

Buying a sofa deserves a lot more consideration than buying a smartphone or computer because it is going to last for many years or until you decide the date for your next home renovation. So, before you get caught up in all the amazing styles, designs, and upholstery fabrics of the sofa, you would want to spend some time with yourself or your family members thinking of your specific needs. 

Some of the most obvious and not-so-obvious factors to consider are given below. 

  • Hidden Difficulties of Bringing a Sofa Home 

Before ordering a sofa, you need to have a proper plan to bring it in. Since not all furniture can be flat-packed, you might have to maneuver a full-sized sofa through a menagerie of obstacles. If you’re familiar with the TV show ‘Friends’ and have watched the episode where Ross tries to bring a full-sized sofa home, you have an idea of the problems that you might be facing. 

Of course, the sofa can be turned and angled accordingly, but it may not be able to get through obstacles on its shortest side. You need to think of every step of the way that your sofa needs to pass through like the doorway, stairway, elevator, and so on. As such, it would be wise to click some pictures of the interior and exterior of your house, measure the size of your home, and speak to professionals at the sofa showroom. They will help you out by suggesting the right sized sofa and they will also arrange to fit it in your home. 

  • Style of Sofa 

You have to decide on the sofa style according to the overall décor of your home and also the latest sofa trends. For instance, mid-century modern, farmhouse, Scandinavian, modern and other decorating styles keep coming and going. You have to decide whether you want something timeless like a leather sofa or something modern to stay relevant to the times. You might even hope for a formal style sofa like the Le Corbusier or a futon if you don’t have a big family. Futons serve as comfortable spare beds, along with a great place to sit and chill. 

Once you’ve decided on the sofa style, you have to think about the color and the shape. 

  • Do You Want to Future Proof Your Home with a Sofa?

Your specific requirements are important, irrespective of what you are buying. You have to decide what you want to do with a sofa. Do you want the sofa to remain a part of your home for a long time and even last several future renovations? If so, you need to select a sofa style that is flexible and versatile enough to suit with different décor styles of your home. Modular sectional sofas are particularly great in this regard as they give you options of building upon the sofa in many ways. From storage to extra seating to lounges and even beds, sectionals have it all. These are very popular styles of modern furniture in Kolkata.

  • Added Features 

Over the years, the sofa has evolved to accommodate myriad functionalities that are secondary to catering to your seating requirements. It might be that you want a sofa in your living room to sit and host your friends. But, what if you got more than what you bargained for? 

Modern sofas are coming with a host of extra features like storage sofas, sofa beds and so much more. These are gaining popularity because they can help you save space in your home while making your home look opulent and comfortable.

  • How Much Time Do You Want to Invest in Maintaining Your Sofa?

As one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home, the sofa deserves more attention than the rest. You need to maintain it properly if you want the sofa to look its best for a few years. For instance, if you get an upholstered or leather sofa, you need to give some time and attention to properly cleaning the sofa. But, if you decide to use a slipcover, you might save yourself a world of trouble.

So, do you feel confident to buy a new sofa? Head to a sofa showroom in Kolkata and get the sofa of your dreams. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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