A new outing spot unveiled to relax and get enjoy with family and friends in the outskirts of Hyderabad. The Rachakonda Fort, a historical spot developed for sightseeing and tourism.

The largely unexplored Rachakonda Fort, dating back to the 14th century, is now drawing trekkers from Hyderabad who are tired of being homebound and want to breathe some fresh air. The beauty of the boulders, the lush green paddy fields and the hills in the backdrop is breathtaking and refreshing. A 15-foot boundary wall welcomes us into the fort.

While you climb over lots of boulders, you come across defence walls, ruined structures and even gateways that are still intact. The carvings and paintings, mostly related to Bonalu festivities, on the stones are a unique sight. You can also spot a few rare birds, butterflies and many wild flowers. The rock formations will surely leave you gaping. These rocks in and around the fort are said to be over 250 million years old. Every inch of the fort thus is a feast for the eyes, especially for history lovers.

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A water point below the topmost portion of the fort is something you shouldn’t miss. Take a break for a while here before climbing your way further up. Sip a filter coffee or tea or any beverage that you take along with you and enjoy the cool and crystal clear water.

As you climb high, you feel like you are on top of the world, literally! As you reach the topmost point of the fort, the unending scenery will hold you spellbound. You get a panoramic view of the lush greens of the Rachakonda reserve forest. In the vicinity are two historical Sri Rama temples where the locals celebrate Sri Ramanavami.

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Make sure you wear trekking pants or joggers to prevent scratches, cuts, and bruises on your legs. Wear trekking shoes since rocks can be slippery. Take a basic first-aid kit with you. Keep cash also handy since there are no ATMs nearby. Carry enough water bottles and snacks with you as there are no food stalls and water sources along the trek. Mobile networks are weak here, so it is better to download offline maps.

Starting a bit early in the morning would be a good idea. Tank up your car or bike before starting the trip as you won’t find petrol pumps after Ibrahimpatnam.

  • Where: Rachakonda, Narayanapoor mandal, Nalgonda District
  • What: Trekking place
  • How: Go on the Nagarjunasagar Highway up to Ibrahimpatnam (20 km). Then take the turn to Manchala (7 km). From there, take the road to Tippaiguda (4 km). The fort is just 2 km away.
  • Distance: 35 km from LB Nagar
  • What to remember: Snacks/food, drinking water. #livehyd #LiveHyd
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