Rizzle, India’s No. 1 innovative short videos platform, introduces yet another unprecedented AI-ML-powered creation experience: Titan.

Made-in-India short video app Rizzle is once again radically redefining the art of video creation.

Rizzle’s latest video creation experience, Titan, introduces industry-first templates that provide users the ability to insert themselves into novel environments. Using body extraction, the users can place themselves in whimsical scenarios and play around with sizes and proportions, like standing next to a popcorn bag as tall as them, or inserting themselves in movie posters next to their favorite actors.

The new templates use advanced body extraction algorithms developed by Rizzle’s in-house tech team. These techniques, using advanced machine learning technologies, provide creators with a fresh and novel creative process and experience. 

Sapna Patel, Director of Marketing at Rizzle states, “Titan provides a new creative spark in an industry that’s fixated on cliched trends and cloning the same old features. It’s a new era for video memes, with an ever-increasing potential for virality. The possibilities are limitless!” 

Sana Afreen, CCO & Program Manager at Rizzle adds, “At Rizzle, we operate by a predominant culture of constant innovation. Body extraction, shrinking, and magnification are not easy feats to accomplish, but with Titan’s AI & ML, we made the impossible possible.”

“The initial feedback from the creator community has been amazing,” she goes on to add.

In the last two months, Rizzle has launched three new features with Rimix, Filmi, and Titan. The app’s creator base has also grown by 100x as the app continues to invest vigorously in design-led innovation. The aggressive release schedule and consistent feature innovation have made Rizzle a trailblazer in the short videos industry. 

As always, the team at Rizzle promises us that there are always more game-changing features to come. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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