A cancer survivor Santosh Daga (45) picked up Art as diversion while on a hospital bed getting treated for Cancer is now not only a happy survivor but thanks to the art picked up she has emerged as a successful home entrepreneur. 

Wow, what confidence, what a talent, these are the few words that come to your mind instantly when you see the works and talent of Santosh Daga, an exhibitor at just Mahila Jagruti in Hyderabad.

She has displayed unique wall clocks, Money Tree Frames, Photo Frames, Name Plates. All are handcrafted. But, still what is so different about them. Yes, there is. She has picked up the art while lying on a hospital bed, getting treated for cancer.

Last year November when the whole world was under the grip of Corona she was taking her chemotherapy treatment to fight cancer.   The pain caused by chemotherapy is often described as a burning, numbness, tingling, or shooting sensation. She didn’t want to cry and curse. Instead she decided to do something creative, constructive to engage herself to divert her mind. Doctors treating her Dr. Mohan Vamshi, Sushil Vamshi and Mohan Narayan  told her husband to allow her to do what she wanted to do and they encouraged her.

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Her Craft Venture “Daga Art Valley” is a name to reckon for Hand Crafted, innovative Wall Clocks, Wall Frames, Photo Frames and Name Plates

Wall Clock made up of Dry Fruits, Money Tree made using coins which are no longer in circulation are sold like hot cakes.

If you have a strong will power you can fight anything.  They can cure even the most dreaded diseases she says.

Now she is a happy Cancer Survivor very successful home art enterprenerur. Everybody liked her art and works. She has already sold 60 to 70 of her masterpieces. Now she wants to continue that as her profession.

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Mayank her husband, 21 years old son encouraged her. She is comfortable doing this business from home. She has a Dry Fruit Wall Clock made up of all dry fruits. One cannot imagine that a wall clock can be used so aesthetically using dry fruits. SAhe is an ideal wall clock for a Dry Fruit Store she says.

Santosh Daga says it costs Rs 7000/- and was specially made for Dry Fruit Shops. She is a creative genius. She converted Dosa Pan into a beautiful wall clock. Using old coins which are no longer in circulation, she made a Money Tree Photo Frame. It is priced at Rs 2500/- and a must to have piece. When the frame adorns the walls the entire place gains importance.

Her unique products are priced in the range of Rs 1100/ to 7000/- She takes four days to make each art piece.  I don’t repeat the models she says.

I outsource these out of circulation coins through antique dealers. Thus make it very rare.  What is rare is precious, she says.  She has made so many tailor-made clocks to suit the client’s business.

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If I cry, my pain will not go away. If I smile, people will smile back. But if I cry, nobody will cry with me and share my pain. That is why I wanted to do something creative, says Santosh Daga.

We wish everybody has such courage like Santosh Daga to fight cancer and come back successful.  She not only fought it successful but she picked up an art in the difficult times and now emerged successfully. The art she picked up while getting treated for cancer is turned out to be a full time money spinning profession for her.  Her journey of conquering cancer through art is very inspirational. #KhabarLive #hydnews