Life is all about finding contentment and peace. A glimpse of joy or sadness is never long-lasting. Even the Disney princess has to go through various sufferings before living happily ever after.

A perfect life would never exist. But you continue functioning with every new day that begins.

In this hustle-bustle, you forget about the purpose of life. It is the same purpose for which you’re bestowed with this gifted life.

With zillions of techniques available, finding your king talent is no more a taxing job.

Let’s resolve this paradox.

Here are some of the proven approaches that can assist you to infer your purpose and destiny.

The Coffee Test

Besides losing weight by drinking Coffee, it can be mysteriously used to find your career.

Quite funny right?

Have you ever noticed that the coffee served on your table got cold just because you were too busy doing something on your computer?

By the time you noticed, it would need two minutes of microwave. Right?

Well, the job that you were doing at that particular juncture was actually your passion or something you’d always love to do.

You are innate with hidden talents for which you will be known the best.

Once you uncover your special expertise, you’ll start enjoying your work. Ultimately the purpose of you is crystal clear

The coffee test is mostly applicable if you enjoy working as an online freelancer.

Discover what makes you Happy

Start finding out things that make you happy, even if they are very little or very big.

Discovering the cause of your happiness can lead to your purpose and destiny.

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As many researchers have witnessed, “purpose and happiness are two different things but yet overlapped”.

For instance, you love helping people because of which you pursue your career in medicine or you like helping street children, so you gather funds to aid them.

That means, your sole purpose is to serve mankind along with your true fate in work is what leads to the contentment of your destiny.

Ask a Mentor or Therapist

If you are confused about your life, career, family, love, or anything that is depriving you of your life’s motive, then let a mastermind guide you.

Mentors have experienced or learned details of what you’re going through today, so they make up the best sources of advice and guidance that you would not want to waste.

Mentors are all ears to you, they listen to your problems, supports, and encourages you accordingly to the issue you’re going through.

Asking your mentor or therapist for help would help you unwind your skills and purpose.

They would direct your scattered thoughts to one meaningful thought, for you to work on and achieve your purpose.

This approach would boost up your career and personal satisfaction.

You will be able to grow and nourish your motives for life

Check your Destiny Numbers

If you are a person who believes that numbers have a great influence on your destiny, then you can find your purpose from it.

Life path numbers open various doors of challenges and opportunities for you.

It sets your ideas, goals, and guides you on the righteous path of success.

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A life path number is determined through your date of birth. There are many online life path calculators which provide this service.

Now let’s say, you entered your date of birth and it resulted in Life Path Number 11.

Now life path number is 11 demands you of being an inspirational and luminous source.

Leaders are born with 11 path numbers.

The 11s are skilled with counseling, meditation, peacemaking, healings that mend a person’s heart and soothe the pain.

Even though 11’s faces several failures that would make them lose their confidence and frustrated. But, your potency will always help you to never give up.

Thus, your path numbers can assist you to gain the true purpose that would help you collect multiple rewards.

You can not only check its compatibility with other life path numbers for business and relationships but can also search for the most promising job.

Find what most of the people with life path 11 did. It is quite possible that you will also end up successful like those in the same career.

Numerology comes up with solutions backed by evidence.

Develop and Mastermind Group

The term a mastermind group was first coined by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

It is often said the people you associate with are what brief your identity.

Start living with positive people that might be your source of inspiration and guidance.

It’s time for you to let go of the bad company that would force you into irrelevant things and makes you forget about life and its purpose.

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Surely, you wouldn’t want to live in hallucinations that would not be forever.

Build your communication skill with people who are productive in life and who are in continuous motion for doing some good in their surroundings.

Try to join them in their new projects, help them out through donation or revamp their issue that they face during the establishment of their project or organization.

A positive society can open your eyes and urge you for unlocking more and more opportunities that could benefit your life purpose and a better sober living.


You need to work on yourself first if you’re hunting down your life’s purpose.

You should take at least five minutes for yourself and think about all your wants and need, think about the ideas that you generate, are they helpful? Do they carry meaning or purpose?

It says, “An empty head, is a home for Satan.”

Keep musing about your life, it may take you on a long journey but it’ll end with a purpose and only that purpose will fulfill your destiny.

It’s not important to stick to your one true purpose, you can change it with time.

Suppose you are working for human benefits, so you can now spice up your purpose by working for animal rescue or welfare.

When you feel the touch of serenity and contentment that aids your distracted soul, then it means you have gained the purpose of your life and have accomplished your destiny. #KhabarLive #hydnews