We intend to study abroad to gain that academic excellence and an edge over the others compared to students back in your own country. However, when you plan to study abroad and then work there, you need to stand out amongst the diversity of international students who already exist there to land that progressive and dream job.

Gaining academic excellence and knowledge should be your ultimate goal while going to study abroad. New language, new friends, new cuisine, new insights, and new learnings come along while learning with other students from diverse cultures. Well, there is something that you should add to your profile seriously while studying abroad consciously. Yes! It involves yourself in extracurricular activities. What does that mean?? Where can I find time for them? What exactly do I need to do? How will it help? Confused? Don’t worry; this blog then is just for you. Read till the end to know about extracurricular activities to do while Studying Abroad and why. Get started.

Things to do while studying abroad that can give your CV a boost

We intend to study to gain academic excellence and an edge over the others compared to students back in your own country.

However, when you plan to study abroad and then work there, you need to stand out amongst the diversity of international students who already exist there to land that progressive and dream job. So only academic achievements may not be enough all the time to make yourself stand out from others. So if you do want your CV to stand out once you graduate from university, get started with some extracurricular activities along with your study right away!

Do we understand that you must be thinking about these extracurricular activities that I need to take up? Well, they can be anything of your interest ranging from things like joining the university sports team, learning a new language, or becoming a peer mentor. It will add to your CV and display your existing skills and interests besides your academic achievements to the recruiter. It makes your personality attractive!

We would sincerely advise every student not to underestimate the importance of extracurricular activities on your CV. There is a lot of competition for picking up that dream job, so anything you can do in your free time that leads to developing new skills will surely help make your CV stand out from the rest!

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We bring you 10 extracurricular activities that you can think about and pick up based on your interest. However, more choices can be vast; take up anything substantial you feel will stand out in your CV!

1. Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is a great extracurricular activity to opt for. It allows you to give back to society and is rewarding as well. It proves to be an excellent addition to your CV that demonstrates to the recruiter that you have a good work ethic and possess good organizational skills, too, as you have juggled between volunteering and studying.

You can find some volunteering opportunities in the locality of your university or where you stay in case off-campus.

2. Join a sports team

Playing a sport is a great extracurricular activity. Playing a sport requires various skills that are recognized and appreciated by a recruiter. Well, you can play any sport, be it football or basketball, join a sports team and play for the team. You can find such opportunities within the university or even in your local area.

3. Join some societies.

Make an attempt to join any society, and it is going to shine on your CV. You can even boast about it to your recruiter, especially if it is a friendly society. You must be thinking, what kind of society should you be joining? Well, it can be related to your degree or future professional aspirations. You can even join a club that teaches you something completely new too!

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4. Be actively involved in events related to your university

Become an active member for all events related to the university. This involvement of your university activities will showcase to the employer that you are social, possess leadership skills, take the initiative, manage time, and be a good communicator.

5. Part-time job

If you can finish your university or college work well in time and efficiently, then you can consider picking up a part-time job too. This will give definitely give your resume a boost because it showcases your time management and organization skills.

6. Peer mentor

Becoming a peer mentor if helping other students is your calling is a great extracurricular activity to try your hands on. Most of the universities have peer mentoring and tutoring schemes. In this, the second and third-year students support the first-year students to adjust to university life. You could be involved in taking the new students for a campus tour, addressing their queries over an email, and being there as a friend on campus for them.

7. Take up an internship

Internships are a great way to get into the industry’s workspace that you will finally work in. It is an experience that teaches you a lot and gives you the practical experience of your theory learned.

Internships are a great extracurricular activity to add to your CV. It is because it shows your natural ambition and passion, as you have worked for free or for a negligible amount during your internship.

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8. Get Political

Think what strikes a chord with you. Is it teaching someone free of cost or helping people with mental health issues. Identify the cause dear to your heart and join a political society or campaigning group to work towards that cause. You will surely come out with excellent leadership skills and an excellent addition to your CV.

9. Start your Vlog

Pick up a passion that is close to your heart, and you can start your Vlog on social media. This extracurricular will definitely showcase the commitment and education that you have towards things you enjoy to the recruiter. A great addition to your CV for sure, keeping in mind how the world is moving regarding social media.

10. Launch your podcast

This is also a new innovative extracurricular picking up nowadays. It does not require much, just a microphone, a phone, and an idea to make it unique. Identify your passion and start your own podcast. It’s a tremendous extracurricular to add to your CV and implies the excellent communication skills you possess.

You may go to the best university and gain academic excellence, but when you begin to work in the real world, what is also required is a set of skills. Leadership, communication, teamwork, time management, organization are all skill sets that are a must in your workspace. Start early by indulging in various extracurricular activities while you study. Push your limits and explore. At the end of the day, it will add to your CV and help you stand out with employers. 

Remember, extracurricular activities are not only an excellent way to demonstrate your interests and individuality to the recruiters, but it also showcases to them that you have a range of valuable skills that you could apply to the job if selected. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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