The recent arrest of TDP senior leader Devineni Uma happened, it is believed that the storm turns Telugu Desam Party’s fortune towards te revival in the state. Ever since the YSRCP, led by YS Jaganmohan Reddy stormed to power in the State, there appears to be an unprecedented number of arrests of opposition leaders taking place, forcing people to think whether there is a caste factor involved.

For much of the past six decades, two major castes have held the balance of power in the undivided State. Needless to say, it’s always been a game of one-upmanship between these two powerful castes.

With the arrest of TDP leader and former minister Devineni Umamaheswar Rao and slapping of Section 307 of the IPC (attempt to murder), the political situation in the State became heated.

Devineni Uma was arrested when he was trying to reach Kondapalli area of Krishna district where illegal mining is allegedly taking place. YSRCP cadres tried to block Devineni Uma and inevitably, there was some jostling, some pushing and tempers flared, if reports are to be believed.

Soon after the dust settled, the police registered a criminal case against Devineni Uma and accused him of trying to kill a ruling party functionary who also happened to be from the Scheduled Castes.

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Based on his caste, police slapped the provisions of Prevention of Atrocities against SC, STs Act. Because of the serious nature of these provisions, Devineni Uma was remanded for 14 days and sent to the Central Prison at Rajahmundry.

Incidentally, three other TDP leaders and former ministers – K Atchannaidu, Kollu Ravindra and five-time MLA Dhulipalla Narendra – had been arrested before Devineni Uma on different charges and they are now out on bail.

All these leaders have been strongly taking on the government on a number of occasions and have travelled the proverbial ‘extra mile’ to criticise the administration. All of them have, at one point of the other, highlighted in the Assembly the 16 months Jagan spent in jail. These were seen as deliberate attempts to embarrass Jagan, that too on the Floor of the House.

The simpler explanation would be that Jagan has targeted these TDP leaders only to get back at them. But is it so simple?

It may be mentioned here that an attempt to murder charge would mean the involvement of a weapon, and also grave injuries on the body of victim.

Though there is no presence of such material evidence, a case under Section 307 was still registered.

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The day Devineni Uma was remanded and sent to Rajahmundry Central Prison, the jailor was inexplicably transferred. This led to fears of a possible threat to his life.
Meanwhile, the government did not officially assure the people that there was no illegal mining activity going on in Kondapalli.

The lack of any clarifications from the government has created an opening for the TDP and its activists believe that by arresting Devineni Uma, Jagan may have paved the way for the party’s revival in the State.

It may be mentioned here that Devineni Uma’s arch political rival in his constituency Mylavaram is Vasanta Krishna Prasad who won in 2019. He is believed to have business links with Jagan and present plight of Devineni Uma is probably because of Krishna Prasad.

The charges slapped on Devineni Uma have united the Kammas, who believe that the government has targeted Dhulipalla and Devineni Uma due to their caste.

Many believe that the arrests were part of a larger plan to weaken the political opponents of the YSRCP.

The fact remains that Jagan has been vigorously trying to get the powerful Kamma caste on his side as its influence on the State’s politics is very high.

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It was with this aim that Jagan had earlier assured that Krishna district would be renamed after TDP founder NT Rama Rao, something even the TDP never considered. The YSRCP government also announced a Kamma Corporation for the welfare of the financially backward members of this caste.

Jagan also gave much importance to Vasanta Krishna Prasad, going to the extent of shifting Mylavaram constituency in-charge Jogi Ramesh to Pedana to pave the way for the arch rival of Devineni Uma.

Minister Kodali Sri Venkateswar Rao (Kodali Nani) is considered to be the face of Kammas in Jagan rule.

The responsibility of galvanising support from the caste has been entrusted to Kodali Nani who has been a vocal critic of TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu.

While trying to win over influential castes like Kamma, the YSRCP government has opted to give shocks to the other errant members of that caste like Dhulipalla and Devineni Uma.

The composition is such that Kammas will dominate administrative affairs in Krishna district, irrespective of the party in power.

Devineni Uma was the guiding force in TDP rule, and its Kodali Nani now. However, the question remains – will Devineni’s arrest help the TDP revive? #KhabarLive #hydnews