The government of Andhra Pradesh is making efforts to ease the ‘Work From Home’ culture in IT Sector employees to change as ‘Work From Home Town’, this will be the world’s first working culture in India, which will fetch the maximum productivity and zero stress methodology.

Move over Work From Home (WFH), Work From Home Town (WFHT) is the new work concept which Andhra Pradesh is envisioning. If everything goes as planned, Andhra Pradesh would be the first state in the country to implement WFHT.

State ITE & C department has already prepared a concept and action plan with detailed timelines along with preliminary infrastructure mapping to implement WFHT.  A controlled pilot will be launched shortly.

The Work From Home Town (WFHT) concept envisages providing employees a co-working environment and facilities of an IT office in the vicinity of their homes of 15 minutes drive.

This concept mitigates the challenges associated with WFH and enables a working environment reminiscent of their IT offices.  Under the WFHT, the government will provide facilities of co-working spaces in Tier-II, III & IV cities with uninterrupted power supply, high-speed broadband connectivity, video conference rooms, dedicated workstations and clean space where people can work.

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The co-working space will be in proximity to most of the employees’ residences with all the perks of being in the office. Besides, they will guarantee unhindered and seamless team communication, meetings, deployments and other operations in an office-like ambience.

Initially, ITE & C found that the existing infrastructure with the right modifications can be used to make the model up and running and ensure business continuity by creating co-working spaces.

The government found that AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) has established 102 CMs Excellence Centres and potentially 500 ESC centres which can be utilised for establishing at least 19,200 co-working stations.

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Also, the existing innovation facilities of AP Innovation Society (APIS) in Vizag and Kakinada could be used for setting up around 2,000 workstations.

Moving ahead infrastructure from 20 engineering colleges with surplus vacant spaces could be used for setting up co-working spaces that can accommodate 20,000 work stations. Around 4,500 out of 13,000 Village Digital Centres (VDC)/ libraries could be used to set up 27,000 co-working stations.

 Also, in the future, APIIC buildings, which have vacant spaces, can be converted into co-working spaces.The ITE & C department is planning to implement the WFHT in three phases besides launching a controlled pilot. Under the pilot project around 25 co-working spaces in 25 parliamentary segments across the State will be established.

Facilities will be shortlisted from CM’s Excellence Centres and APIS facilities. Officials found that no capital expenditure is needed and minimal operational expenses ready for launch after controlled piloting using 102 CME Centres, 250 ESC colleges, 2 APIS facilities in the coming phases.

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The government has appointed a committee with Andhra Pradesh Technology Services Ltd (APTS) MD Nanda Kishore ReddyM, IT advisors Dr Srinath Devireddy and J Vidyasagar Reddy as members to implement the pilot project of WFHT in three months.

“It was decided to complete the pilot project of WFHT in three months. After  understanding the gaps and other issues while implementing the pilot project, the actual project will be taken up.
We have decided to meet again on October 15 to discuss further,” said Government Advisor (Public Affairs)  Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy who had attended a virtual meeting to discuss the WFHT. Industries Minister Mekapati Goutham Reddy also took part in the virtual meet. These workstations will be offered on a cost-to-cost basis. #KhabarLive #hydnews