Hyderabadis aren’t too concerned about the bill anymore when it comes to booking online services. Customers scouting for on-demand services on the internet are judging their value on various factors other than the price, research from RedSeer Consulting shows.

Some of these factors include the range of services available on a platform, the skill of professional, and the quality of products. For online beauty services, for instance, the professional’s skill is the top criteria.

When it comes to repairing and cleaning services, a higher proportion of Indians do care about price, but even then, the service range takes precedence.

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As the on-demand industry matures further, customers will seek “greater personalisation” and consider the “trust of the brand (in case of appliances) and familiarity/speed of repair person,” RedSeer noted.

What’s more is that the industry is a potential money-spinner, as per experts. “Online hyperlocal services makes one of the strongest cases (in the internet space) for differential pricing as several customer cohorts have high willingness to pay for a premium service,” RedSeer noted. “Thus the industry seems one of the best placed to drive revenue and eventually profitability growth in the future.”

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That’s a respite for Hyderabad’s tech startup industry, which has been struggling for profits over the recent years. #KhabarLive