The Telangana Chief Minister’s pronouncement of possible new political alignments in the country comes amidst increasing political heat generated by a sustained, and what appears to be a no-holds-barred battle against the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

‘Let’s go national’ seems to be the objective of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao who of late has gone ballistic against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP. He calls them ‘Jhoota BJP.’ “Most of those, over 30 people who duped banks are Modi’s friends and fled the country. It is hiding corruption in Rafale. That is why the divisive party BJP should be thrown out for all their sins,” he thunders, adding: “BJP did not win polls in Karnataka, MP, Goa and Manipur and still it is in power. BJP is a party which cannot accept defeat. Most undemocratic party. Doesn’t know what democracy is.”

Well! Is this happening for the first time? Didn’t Congress dismiss 50 governments using Governors? Why throw stones at others sitting in a glass house. It is surprising that suddenly the TRS is quoting Chidambaram as if the economy when he was the Finance Minister was perfect. TRS’ newfound love for Congress reminds one of ‘enemy’s enemy is my friend.’ That perhaps is ‘Nayi Umang and Nayi Soch’

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One is free to criticise any government and its policies but what pains is that political language has hit a new low, more so in the last eight years and parties are justifying it, saying it is part of Telangana dialect. Blowing hot and blow cold towards Modi and BJP by TRS is not a new thing. It happened in the past as well.

Though KCR says he never clashed with Centre, the memory of the voters is still fresh. He who moved closer to BJP in 2016 and praised Modi to skies in Assembly and sided with the BJP on crucial matters in parliament, voted with the ruling party and was regularly breaking ranks with the Opposition.

Suddenly KCR changed his mind and by 2018 he visited several States and met CMs in the hope of forming a non-BJP, non-Congress front. He tried for non-BJP, non-Congress front but many parties including the left felt that a front minus Congress cannot come to power.

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KCR has supported Rahul Gandhi and criticised Assam CM’s remark against him. But then what about Congress MP Francisco Sardinha’s comment on Parrikar? Sardinha had said “Parrikar became a Chief Minister through deceit. As we age, we fall ill, but he was roaming around with pipes in his mouth, nose. God did not let him die in peace.” Is this Indian Culture? Should an MP speak like that about a person who is no more? Did Rahul condemn it or did Congress sack Sardinha? Why didn’t KCR condemn it?

KCR apparently feels that targeting PM would have two advantages: One, to get noticed as a national frontline leader, and, second, to counter the anti-incumbency factor. He is making all-out efforts to present himself as daredevil partner who can take the fight to PM’s doorstep. He criticised Modi for saying, “Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar.” Till recently he was speaking about Congress failing to meet the needs of States. But, suddenly he is praising Rahul Gandhi and his family.

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Naturally, BJP retorted, citing incidents where KCR lost his cool during Nagarjuna Sagar bypoll. When interrupted during his speech by a few people by holding up some papers, he immediately ordered the police to take them out. He claims all credit for prosperity of Telangana. But it did not come about only in last eight years.

Hyderabad was a developed city even at the time of formation of Telangana. Thanks to the neighbouring Andhra that has lost its ground, industrialists and investors are preferring TS. This is a fact.

Similarly, some good things happened, and some very unfortunate developments took place in last 75 years. No one can say they are only responsible for all the good. Not even BJP or TRS. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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