India is a country that is home to more than a billion people. This presents an immense opportunity for business and most recently, the gaming industry has taken a liking to India.

If you have been following online gambling as of late, you will have realised that there is a shift being observed in terms of where the gambling operators are putting their resources to acquire punters.

Just a few years ago, the UK and Sweden were considered gambling dens where extremely wealthy individuals would pour money into casinos and betting related activities. They had a huge variety when it came to the betting sites to choose from. However, once regulation came into place it became extremely difficult for the smaller operators to cope with the requirements. Putting more resources into ensuring that they were compliant was simply not worth their time, money and effort. Some had to resort to extreme measures of shutting down their business entirely while the more flexible ones were able to adapt by reaching out to customers from different geos.

One such geo was India. Often overlooked as a country that was stricken with poverty, India has emerged as an economic powerhouse. The population has grown massively which presents huge manpower for India’s efforts towards global dominance. The country has made strides in technology as well. Internet penetration is at an all time high whereas the price of smartphones has been declining steadily. All of this is great for a country looking to get its people online as quickly as possible.

With more people now being able to surf the internet, the change in mindset was only inevitable. Gambling was often considered as a taboo subject and was mainly confined to illegal gambling dens. These dens would collect cash bets from the customers which was seedy and also meant that they could close down shop at any given point in time. The customer would therefore have nowhere to go to complain. Gaming as per the Gambling Act of 1857 is also considered illegal in India. However with changing mindsets the government has had no choice but to place the responsibility on the individual states themselves.

Some such as Goa have welcomed gambling with open arms while others have completely shunned it. The argument for legalising gambling comes in the form of revenue generation and the curtailing of negative externalities. Often those illegal gambling dens mentioned above would use the cash from their customers to facilitate other illegal activities such as money laundering and state terrorism. By allowing legal companies to offer gambling products to Indians, these problems are eradicated. This is also where a ton of offshore companies are now offering gambling products to punters in India.

One needs to do a quick search on Google to find a plethora of companies now offering online casino games, lottery and sports betting. These companies are licensed which means that you will be playing in a safe and secure environment. These companies also take great care in providing their products in a responsible manner. They also adhere to the latest in anti-money laundering procedures and perform regular know your customer checks on the punters they are bringing in.

Furthermore, most of these operators have gone ahead and created cricket betting apps. These apps provide an advantage over their competitors as it always lets the punters take their casino with them. Commuting is a big part of life in India whether it is on the rickshaw, trains, buses or metro. By offering an app on either the GooglePlay or iOS store, the punters can always place a bet wherever they go. Most of these apps are slick and easy to use meaning that you are only a few clicks away from placing a bet on your favourite sport. 

These apps also have dedicated FAQ and customer support sections which are crucial if you are new to online gambling. Even if you are a seasoned gambler, it is always good to know that help is at hand in case you get stuck.

In summary, it is safe to say that online gambling has fully and truly arrived in India. Not only do players have options to indulge in free to play games but now they can finally play at regulated casinos with the confidence that their hard earned money will not be stolen. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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