Hyderabad’s oldest business tycoon Singhania’s were the sole textile distributors to the Nizam’s throne. Recently, Singhania’s launched their second store in Jubilee hills in Hyderabad. This heritage continues and they are very proud of it to serve this new generation of Hyderabad.

The promise of quality is the foremost goal of their business. From being the manufacturers and wholesalers of textiles, we had moved into the retail segment around 1999.

Singhania’s as a brand that trusts and believes that weaving traditions are one of the oldest artistic expressions, opened their first store in Banjara Hills in 2004, hoping to showcase this artisanal craft.

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Here you will find all the tokens of pure artistry collected over the years carefully put together by them. The walls at the store are dedicated to revived art pieces woven by master weavers and award-winning artists.

Wall panels with the best of fabrics and an extensive repertoire of luscious fabrics like Silk Ikat, Organza, Hand Painted Silks, Block Printed Cottons, Banarasis, Kanchi silks and many more from this nation’s fabric culture are waiting for you. Over 250 colours of raw silk fabrics that are featured in the store are perfect with any saree/blouse/lehenga etc.

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They have curated a special bridal space with curated, best lehengas, unstitched suits, and other readily stitched garments for the entire wedding squad. Each piece is styled by their team of stylists, where each collection is designed according to the season. The love for intricate workmanship and the best of craft is available at the new store.

“It’s so special these days to actually receive a personalised experience; be it at a shop or through digital channels. It’s rare. We boast of our special design and style team who are well versed with ancient sensibilities in the modern scenario.You can step into the store and get one of it’s kind designs, just for you.

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An out of the world experience is what we promise you. We are old fashioned and we offer services exactly how we did 150 years ago. It’s thrilling to see something stay forever, and still stay the same.” – said Sailesh Singhania, at the opening of his new store. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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