As summer rises making the life of common man uncomfortable with heat waves, the central and state governments are vying with each other in burning a deep hole in the pockets of the common man.

The left parties have as usual hit the roads, take out rallies and like media forget about it after couple of days. People too crib over the hike in tariffs, criticise the government and reconcile to their fate. It is only the government employees who get some relief in form of enhanced DA.

What needs to be pondered over is do people have the right to cry over the hike in prices? Do they realise why the state and central governments go on increasing tariff whether it be power or water or bus fare? Do they know that this is the impact of the people falling prey to breadcrumbs which the political parties give to the voters before elections or whenever they face anti-incumbency?

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It has become a practice for all political parties, national and regional to make some announcements with a fancy tag called welfare. The latest fad is direct cash transfer. People who have become lambs and nod their head are falling prey to such announcements and vote for the party that promises the moon. But when these parties make a ‘U’ turn and go in for hike in the tariff, they have no option but to bear the burden.

What the voters do not understand is that no party gives money from their pocket. It is taxpayer’s money and if they go on making announcements and fail to implement financial discipline, state or Centre’s revenue would take a dip and the governments would be pushed into debt trap. This will have cascading effect and the governments will hike the prices of various goods and services.

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For example, people of the two Telugu States who were hoping that there will be new tidings from this Ugadi are left heavily disappointed. The disappointment is more in Telangana since the prices of power, bus tickets, bus passes, have been increased and increase in water charges and medicines is on the cards. It is now contemplating to increase Aasara pensions for those who are above 57 years of age.

In Andhra Pradesh, the state government which promised that they would not increase power charges announced hike in power tariff just on the eve of Ugadi.

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Welfare measures for upliftment of the poor are necessary but the schemes that are evolved should be such that they make them competent enough to be on their own. But the governments are more interested in keeping them dependent on the sops so that they can be their vote banks and the quality of administration will not be an issue.

Interestingly, we now have hired poll strategists who give ideas to encash on this weakness of the people and charge huge money. We have political parties which have allowed themselves to get decimated and they too are no different when compared to parties which are in ruling now.

New tidings can be expected only when people become more practical and tell the political parties that they are not saleable commodities. #KhabarLive #hydnews