Early elections concept always works positive with multi-talented politicians. They mould the situation and make it usable to their benefits. Likewise, the Telugu states Chief Ministers who are over enthusiastic on their good work and they wanted early polls to grab this situation on price hike, political uncertainty, public unrest and people favour on the welfare schemes. Finally, the idea of going for early polls in their respective states appears to be dominating the thoughts of the Chief Ministers of the two Telugu states!

There is growing resentment among the general public over the rising prices, particularly of petroleum products, and the hike in power tariff, causing worry to rulers of the Telugu states. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held certain states, including Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, responsible for the high fuel prices, saying they are not reducing taxes within their purview. There have been instances of states reducing charges within their purview to some extent to shield themselves from public anger.

For example, in the combined Andhra Pradesh, the YS Rajasekhara Reddy government had come forward to bear Rs. 50 from the hiked amount for gas cylinder. He did that ahead of the local bodies polls in 2006 because he could not take on then UPA government headed by his own Congress party for the hike in petroleum products. As expected, the Congress swept LB polls, making YSR very happy.

Early elections are imperative for the Chief Ministers of Telugu states to tide over the anti-incumbency factor. Both the CMs believe that they could make it again if they go for early polls. A  big question that is doing the rounds in official circles is the possibility of getting a nod from the Election Commission of India (ECI), of course at the behest of the Union government.

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The ruling party in Telangana, Telangana Rashtra Samiti, has had an experience of having advanced polls by one year previously in 2018 during its first stint. The TRS won the elections. Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) got an opportunity to go for early polls as per his schedule.

Everybody was surprised to see that the poll schedule, including the polling date fixed by ECI, was exactly as per KCR’s advice. KCR enjoyed proximity with Modi in those days. Hence, it became easy for him.

The decision of Union government to allow KCR to go for early polls  surprised circles in BJP that believed that that it would be detrimental to the interests of the party.

Although BJP’s popularity was growing in  Telangana, the saffron party could not utilise the goodwill of Modi’s governance during his first stint as Prime Minister. BJP won four Lok Sabha seats and only one Assembly seat in Telangana. That is, the party gained popularity in 28 Assembly constituencies as one LS seat covers seven Assembly segments.

If elections were held as per the original schedule in 2019, along with the Lok Sabha polls, BJP would have won nearly 20 Assembly seats with the help of the strong influence of Modi on people. Everybody knows that BJP won only one Assembly seat (Gosha Mahal of Hyderabad city). BJP also won two more Assembly seats Dubbak and Huzurabad in the bypolls. In this way, BJP missed a golden chance to emerge stronger than ever in Telangana. This fact may prompt the BJP leadership to think more. Technically speaking, ECI would allow any state to go for early polls only after reviewing the situation. But it happens usually at the behest of ruling party at the Centre.

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This element may work against TRS in the present situation, considering the strained relations between the TRS and BJP. KCR is not comfortable with BJP now because of his political plans to expand his base at the national level and garnering support from anti-BJP forces. In this backdrop, the Modi government may not pave the way for TRS for early polls as BJP incurred political loss following early polls in 2018. KCR is planning to go for early polls after the Gujarat Assembly polls are over (due by the end of this year) and is doubtful of getting a nod from ECI for early polls in a row.

But he would aggressively go against BJP if he is not allowed to go for early polls. In Andhra Pradesh also, the talk of early polls is making the ruling party spend tense moments because of the political situation it has been facing. There is a distinct possibility of a united opposition emerging against the ruling party in the Assembly polls of 2024. So, a sense of discomfort is being felt by the people of AP due to various decisions taken by the YSR Congress party government headed by YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

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The hike in prices of essential commodities and continual increase in fuel prices are making the lives of people miserable.

Although several freebies are being given by the government, people are feeling that they are losing more money than what they have been getting from the government. There is a view that people in rural belts are shedding their hard working nature because of the freebies.

Retaining power is one thing for Jagan and repeating the figure of 151 seats is quite another. Nearly 50% of MLAs have proved to be  underperformers, as per a survey conducted by the ruling party. Will the Modi government agree for early polls in AP? This is a big question now.

The BJP is presently having truck with Jana Sena Party (JSP) and the TDP also is not an enemy for Modi now as TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu had distanced himself from anti-Modi forces immediately after he tasted defeat in 2019. Efforts for building a united opposition against the YSRC are causing discomfort for Jagan now. The ruling party seems to be desperately trying for early polls by using its friendship with BJP. YSRCP has cooperated with BJP in the passage of many crucial bills in Parliament.

It may offer its support to BJP in Presidential polls in the middle of this year and in turn, it may seek the opportunity for early polls. The moot question is: Will Modi agree for early polls for the Telugu states at the cost of his own party? #KhabarLive #hydnews