Telangana Politicians especially KCR usually use to say that Caste Politics are rampant in Andhra Pradesh and there is no Caste Stench in Telangana. But then, for the last months or so, Caste Politics made way to Telangana Politics all of sudden.

KCR may have himself paid way for this targeting Kodandaram who is a Reddy. A couple of TRS Leaders targeted Reddy Community directly that irked the influential community in the state and they started consolidating under Congress.

To counter Congress, KCR brought the ages-old VelKam formula to counter Reddys. To bring Velamas and Kammas under one route, there are rumors that KCR is planning for an alliance with TDP (TS) as well. It has to be seen if it materializes after Revanth Reddy’s exit.

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Caste Politics was a kind of lifeline for Congress Party ahead of 2019 elections. Congress once again became an abode for the politically influential Reddy Community. We will have to see if this is enough to unseat KCR in 2023 Elections! #KhabarLive #hydnews #hyderabadnews

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