The ruling party TRS is worried upon the dashing move of BJP’s advertising strategy against TRS and KCR during the BJP’s national executive committee meeting in Hyderabad. The entire TRS leadership keenly observing the advertising and public relations moves and they are immediately countering with defensive statements ad a damage-control effort.

The very mention of the phrase ‘double-engine’ is sending shock waves among Telangana Rashtra Samithi leaders, especially Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao and party working president KT Rama Rao for obvious reasons. Metro Rail pillars of the ‘City of Pearls’ that is hosting the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prestigious National Executive Committee meet reflect the fear of the TRS leadership. Every available advertisement space has been blocked at the cost of taxpayers’ money during the NEC in a crazy bid to deny the BJP an opportunity to showcase its fabulous work.

The TRS is heavily relying on a plethora of advertisements, full of lies and false claims, to hoodwink people, though they began to realise the heavy price being paid for their off-beam choice. With their dreams shattered, hopes dashed,opportunities spoiled and lives ruined, people are of the firm opinion that the one-stop solution to the underdevelopment caused by the ‘autocratic and corrupt’ rule of the KCR family is a ‘double-engine’ government.

For starters, voters electing the same party in their State as the one ruling at the Centre will ensure their own better development as it would then be a double-engine government. The wise option of voters is paying off across the nation and the beneficiaries of the double-engine sarkar are in fact standing apart. The double-engine government is safe and secure and it would ensure double-speed progress under Modiji. Gujarat is way ahead in terms of development and Uttar Pradesh is surging fast. So, is the case with all the BJP-ruled States.

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Due to a lack of knack for governance and in the absence of a proper vision, the KCR government is coming in the way of implementing the central government schemes meant for the needy. There are umpteen examples to drive the point home but, let us focus on a couple of them. The glaring example is, Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana, a wonderful initiative by the Modi government to provide affordable housing to urban poor.

Call it a lackadaisical attitude or lethargy of the KCR government, Telangana got a little over 2 lakh houses under the scheme as against 20.4 lakh in Andhra Pradesh, 13.52 lakh in Maharashtra and 17.67 lakh houses in Uttar Pradesh. Since the launch of the PMAY-U scheme in June 2015, the Centre released Rs 2,827.41 crore to Telangana towards its share of about 60 per cent of the total unit cost. But the State government took its sweet time to dovetail it to its ‘Double Bed Room Scheme’ and denied shelter to many poor and downtrodden people. It is pertinent to mention here that the Centre, in an unprecedented move, had to ask the KCR government to return Rs 190 crore which was given to the State in 2016-17 under the PMAY. It happened because the State government refused to update the Centre of its progress on implementing the scheme. Had it been a BJP CM in Telangana, there would have been a good number of houses for poor.

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Let us look at the health sector. People in Telangana have for long been deprived of the benefits of the Centre-sponsored Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana under the Ayushman Bharat umbrella, which seeks to provide annual health cover of Rs 5 lakhs to over 50 crore beneficiaries across India.The TRS government preferred to stay away from the implementation of the scheme on the plea that the state-sponsored Aarogyasri is much better in benefits. Until mid May 2021, only Aarogyasri health scheme was implemented in Telangana as the State government was reluctant over the coverage of PMAY.

At the peak of Covid-19, on May 18, the State Health Department signed an MoU with the National Health Authority. After resisting for two years, KCR took a decision to dovetail Aarogyasri with the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Can a BJP CM dare to commit this kind of grave mistake? Mind you, the BJP-ruled Karnataka availed maximum aid to get Covid treatment for its people under Ayushman Bharat. The State-wise breakdown of expenditure shows that of the total funds 81.7 per cent was spent by southern states, except Telangana!

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As Aarogyasri was not of use during the pandemic, people suffered a lot. The Union government’s noble idea to have integrated hospitals under Ayush Hospitals Scheme was not taken seriously by the State government.

The public distribution scheme too got impacted by the notorious approach of the KCR government. The Re 1 a-kg rice scheme, the boon of the low income groups, benefits over 87.77 lakh families. The Centre provides a subsidy of Rs 30 per kg on the scheme as against Rs 2 extended by the State.Telangana State has stopped issuing new cards for many years causing untold miseries of poor.

The abovementioned three issues are the tip of the iceberg. The KCR government, which is in a severe debt trap due to lack of financial discipline, is not happy with the Central government transferring money to the accounts of Gram Panchayats. It demands the moon without submitting detailed project reports. We have seen how KCR tried to make a mountain out of a molehill in paddy procurement. His government failed to properly pitch for airports, smart cities, national institutions and other projects. It prefers ‘stickering’ of central schemes for political gains.

The perception of the Telangana voters that they missed an opportunity by sailing against the wind is palpable and they are eagerly waiting for a ‘double engine’ drive as early as possible to achieve the goal of golden Telangana.  #KhabarLive #hydnews #hyderabadnews