Cricket is a sport that brings the entire country of India together. If it is not being broadcast on television, it is being broadcast throughout India. Other sports have gained popularity in India—basketball, football, and wrestling, to mention a few—but deep down, cricket remains the top sport that has India’s heart.

Many Indians even organize their weekend activities, vacation plans, and even employment around the schedule of the Indian cricket team. But why is cricket such a popular sport in India, and why does it have a considerably greater fan base than football or even national sports like kabaddi or field hockey?

It is easy to play

To be sure, cricket is not as simple to learn as, say, football, which simply requires a ball and can be played alone. Cricket requires a few more pieces of equipment and is best played with at least one person.

Despite these obstacles, cricket remains a simple game to learn, and the inventiveness of young people in India ensures that they always find a way to play.

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As a result, you’ll frequently find youngsters playing street cricket with everything from rusted metal pipes to tattered old tennis balls. The sport’s simplicity makes it noticeable even on India’s tiniest highways and streets. In reality, the majority of today’s prominent cricket players got their start on the streets.

India invested in cricket infrastructures

Aside from the fact that cricket can be played practically everywhere, India provides a plethora of cricket coaching institutes where children and adults alike may train. Almost every Indian state or territory has at least one large cricket stadium. This is in stark contrast to how other sports are faring in India. In India, there are just a handful of FIFA-accredited stadiums and AstroTurf. The facilities in place in the country for cricket simply assist to promote and expand the sport’s popularity in India.


Cricket’s popularity in India simply implies that it can be readily transformed into money. This sport provides several opportunities for Indians to earn money or extra revenue. They may be cricketers themselves, or they may visit Indian betting sites to gamble on their favorite teams or sportsmen. Cricketers in India are unquestionably highly compensated. They enjoy a better lifestyle and can buy many things that other sports athletes cannot. This is why, when it comes to converting a sport into a professional job, most individuals chose cricket.

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You can also make money out of cricket, even if you are not a player. Just go check bookmakers foun and start cricket betting now.

The rise of the IPL

The BCCI established the Indian Premier League after India won the World T20 Championship. It is the world’s most popular T20 league. In the country, the mix of entertainment and sport has been a big success. When the IPL is in play, even big Bollywood stars refrain from releasing films for fear of not gaining enough momentum. The IPL has helped to bring cricket to smaller towns like Bhubaneshwar and Ranchi. With each passing year, the IPL grows in size and popularity.

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ICC tournaments win

The success of the Indian cricket team in ICC worldwide events is the ultimate reason why cricket is so popular. Winning the Cricket World Cup in 1983 and again in 2011 are cherished memories for the community. Indians want to see the same level of achievement repeated, but with even more unforgettable moments.

In 2007, India also won the T20 World Cup for the first time. With each victory, India seemed to regain even better form and passion. Isn’t it true that sports are usually about having fun? That’s exactly what you get when you watch the Indian cricket squad. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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