The cyber crime takes a plunge to next level and fradusters targetting gullible people to loot on the name of online jobs. The number of cheating cases are rising double in Telugu States during last couple of years.

The growing popularity of working remotely from home has increased chances for people, but it has also created new difficulties for job seekers because many find it difficult to distinguish between legitimate opportunities and dubious schemes.

Online calls and data entry work are some of the simplest remote employment options, but they are also the most popular with con artists who ensnare unwary victims and disappear with their money.

Employment issues and con artists

According to data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, the jobless rate in India increased to 8.30% in December 2022, the highest level in 16 months (CMIE).

According to CMIE, the average unemployment rate in India is 7.85 percent as of January 13, 2023, while it is 9.44 percent in urban regions.

With generous monthly salaries, the con artists seduce job seekers who are innocent and in need of work. Prior to the start of their employment or within a month or two of joining, they defraud applicants of their money by asking them to pay a security deposit to cover the cost of the services supplied. Either before the task begins or a month or two into the job, the victims are defrauded of their money.

According to media reports, fraudsters are not only found in India, as several police investigations have shown.

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There have been tales of individuals being victims of con artists headquartered in the Middle East. The ’employers’ or’recruiters’ are frequently articulate professionals with phoney websites and profiles that appear authentic to the average person, lending legitimacy to the process.

Sandeep Reddy reveals that he followed a Telegram job posting in October 2021 for the position of personal manager at VR Company and had a WhatsApp conversation with a fraud recruiter. He resided in Warangal, Telangana, and was 24 years old at the time.

“I was requested to log into their website and fill in my personal details like name, age, mail, etc.,” he said on #KhabarLive.

Sandeep continued by saying that the recruiter had informed him that he could withdraw his money every day, but first he had to deposit 3,000 via an online payment gateway and a UPI ID.

Sandeep remarked, “I considered our entire discussion dubious and decided not to join them.

When #KhabarLive investigated the website link supplied by Sandeep, it was discovered to be inactive. Interestingly, these payment gateway providers are either impossible to trace or very difficult to trace. Following the incident, the Telegram group was also blocked, according to Sandeep Reddy.

Additionally, it has been observed that fraudsters now prefer to defraud many people of little sums of money rather than a select number of huge sums.

Losing money might result from easy money!

A woman from Vizag was conned out of 5.4 lakhs earlier in January, according to the Vizag Cybercrime Police.

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According to media sources, the Visalakshi Nagar resident was called by an unidentified number who offered her a work-from-home position with a competitive income. The claimed fraudsters credited her bank account with $100 after she originally declined their offer to gain her trust. After being requested to like and share certain YouTube videos, she accepted to work and received 400 in her account.

After completing a few tasks, the woman was taken to another website and prompted to pay $54,000. She was informed that by paying the requested money, she would receive a 30% commission and earn a total of 70,200. Similar to this, she paid commissions of $88,000, $250,000, and $150,000.

After making all the payments, the victim was still had to make a further payment in order to receive her deposit back. When she finally realised what had happened, she filed a report with the Vizag Cybercrime Police Station. The case is being looked into further.

Goals and resources stolen

In December, two individuals running a recruitment agency conned a 27-year-old resident of Hyderabad into believing he was applying for a job at Amazon, according to the police.

According to a representative, the Shivrampalli police station is where the complaint was filed. The accused allegedly requested him for $95,000 to cover backdoor appointment fees and then offered to secure him a position as a customer support officer at Amazon India.

After payments, his Amazon admission badge and employment offer letter were discovered to be forgeries. The accused allegedly closed the office after the payment and left. According to officials, a police investigation found that they had defrauded about 250 job applicants in a similar manner of a total of 2.20 crores.

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According to a different report, on December 29, Visakhapatnam police arrested a fraudster ring that had been defrauding people by pretending to offer internet part-time jobs. In connection with the case, the police detained six people: Suman Sahu, Subham Singh, Deepak Sargra, Ranveer Chouhan, Mittu la Jat, and Vikas Basitha. The group was said to be led by young people from Rajasthan’s Bilwa gang.

According to the police, the group stole a total of Rs. 2.5 crore from 78 victims. Additionally, 30 mobile phones, 20 SIM cards, 26 ATM cards, 37 bank checks, 56 counterfeit stamps, and 8 flexies with phoney company names were taken from their possession.

The police said, “They were fabricating SIM cards using the fingerprints of persons coming for Aadhar and defrauding them.”

A mysterious bogus government website

Those who meet the requirements for the Telangana State Public Services Commission can apply for jobs on a bogus Telangana official website built by scammers (TPSC).

On the website, candidates were urged to submit applications for the 7,756 open positions between December 13, 2022, and January 2023.

The Telangana government declared the website to be false and stated that in the event that someone falls for its tricks, it is their responsibility. #hydnews #khabarlive #hydlive