Telugu states are getting ready for early polls in 2023 as both Telugu chief ministers KCR and Jagan are mutually settled to held eatly polls due to unstable political equations and circumastances in Telugu states.

Are the leaders of the dominant political parties in the Telugu states cooperating to get an advantage from the definite prospect of early voting? It looks like AP Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy and TS Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao are determined to hold onto power despite all odds based on the strenuous work they are doing. When it comes to fighting the odds to keep their positions of authority, Telugu state chief ministers appear to be evenly matched. Should they prevail, they stand to break some sort of national record.

In the current climate, where his two main political rivals, the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party, are working tirelessly to unseat him, KCR would benefit greatly from pulling off a hat-trick. People are aware that the bill necessary for the establishment of Telangana was introduced by both the Congress and the BJP. To keep its promise to the residents of Telangana, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), which was then led by the Congress party, overcame the adamant opposition from many in the Andhra and Rayalaseema areas.

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The BJP suffered the same fate in the Telangana case as well because it vigorously backed the relevant measure in Parliament. By asserting that it was equally responsible for the creation of Telangana State, the BJP actively participated in the election campaign in 2014. The BJP specifically referred to Sushma Swaraj’s contribution to the passage of the relevant bill in Parliament and referred to her as “Chinnamma,” drawing comparisons to “Peddamma” (Sonia Gandhi, who is credited with realising Telangana’s people’s dream).

KCR spoke briefly about the potential for the new state as he boarded a flight for Delhi before the Telangana Bill was introduced in Parliament. He noted that in order to accomplish his goal of creating Telangana, he would be departing from the united state of Andhra Pradesh for Delhi and arriving only in the new state of Telangana in a matter of days! Although many did not take KCR’s words seriously, Telangana eventually benefited. In the united state of Andhra Pradesh, elections were held, and after that, separate legislative assemblies were constituted with elected representatives from each areas.

In actuality, a special session of the Assembly of the merged state of Andhra Pradesh should have taken place first, before division. The division must have occurred in the undivided House itself in accordance with established process, along the lines of the laws pertaining to Uttaranchal (later known as Uttarakhand), Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh in the year 2000.

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KCR won the election in 2014 because he was viewed as a hero who had valiantly defended Telangana. In the 2018 elections, KCR kept his position of power. As a result of Congress’s affiliation with the Telegu Desam Party (TDP), KCR was able to campaign on the possibility of Andhra rule in Telangana.

By changing his Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) into the Bharat Rastra Samiti (BRS), KCR has now produced an odd circumstance with the intention of broadening his political base at the federal level. He must now employ several tactics if he wants to win the elections of 2023. He may believe that early polls will save him as a result. Of course, he must endure public wrath for pushing the state into a debt trap.

In the current climate, KCR may find it helpful to expand BRS in Andhra Pradesh in order to exert better control over his home state. After all, it was KCR who decided to give N. Chandrababu Naidu of the TDP a “return gift” in order to aid YS Jaganmohan Reddy in AP. The TRS leadership “closely observed” influential political figures who controlled vast commercial empires in order to nominate them as YSRCP candidates, regardless of their personal preferences. The best examples are its Lok Sabha MPs Adala Prabhakar Reddy (Nellore) and Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy (Ongole). It’s interesting that KCR chose the dominant Kapu community to be in charge of guiding BRS.

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This might aid Jagan in his current efforts to undermine community cohesion among the Kapu at a time when efforts are being made to build a united opposition with the active participation of TDP and Jana Sena Pary (JSP). In turn, the powerful Reddy community, particularly from Rayalaseema, might rally behind KCR possibly with support from Jagan.

It may be recalled that the entire Reddy community in Hyderabad was instrumental in P. Janardhan Reddy’s loss of the Khairatabad Assembly constituency to the then-Congress Legislature Party (CLP) in the 1999 elections. Former CBI director and TDP candidate K. Vijayarama Rao won the election, earning notoriety as a “giant killer” in the process! There are evidence that both leaders want early elections, and this could lead to mutual cooperation between KCR and Jaganmohan Reddy.

Although KCR profited from the 2018 early elections, NT Rama Rao and Chandrababu Naidu had humiliating losses in the 1989 and 2004 early elections, respectively. Early voting is therefore a two-way street. #Khabarlive #hydnews #hydlive #hyderabadlive

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