The actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan effect in politics are low comparing to his filmi effect. As he would like to contest from Telugu states hence political pundits predicts ‘putting one leg in two boats’, always destroys the results. The electorate affect will not make any influence to any party, literally!

Given his fairly poor organisational structure, actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan, the leader of the Jana Sena Party (JSP), might not pose a challenge to the parties in power in the Telugu states, but he does have varied degrees of influence in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Since Kapus have been working for years to project a leader from the community who might also become the CM face, political parties have been evaluating Pawan’s potential effect on the electorate from a caste aspect. Community leaders have been promoting the concerns that the Kapushad throughout the early 1960s under the rule of former chief minister Damodaram Sanjeevayya!

Such quota demands, however, were completely abandoned by succeeding governments. In the reserves, however, Telaga, Balija, and Ontari, as well as other members of the Kapu community, have occasionally ready themselves for a show of power. At Vijayawada, massive protests were held in the names of “Kapu Nadu” in 1982 and 1988.

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The older brother of Megastar and Pawan, Chiranjeevi, had offered support to the former Vijayawada (East) Congress Legislator and symbol of the Kapu community Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga Rao in those days. Later, Chiranjeevi launched his own political party ‘PrajaRajyam’. After the defeat of the party in the 2009 elections, he offered to merge PRP with Congress and kept himself totally away from politics.

The numerically superior Kapu community may be kept at bay in the political power structure by the other two major castes, Kamma & Reddy. Now that Pawan has become a political force to be reckoned with thanks to JSP, there are expectations that the Kapu community will find a strong and suitable leader to guide the community.

Following the 2014 elections, Pawan first pledged his support to the Narendra Modi administration in an effort to bring an end to Congress dominance in the state and at the federal level since he rejected the division of Andhra Pradesh (AP). Pawan’s backing was helpful to the BJP and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) as they came to an electoral agreement. In 2014, Pawan played a significant role in the AP and AP and that helped TDP-BJP combine to hit the target.

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Later, Pawan expressed his unhappiness at the unhelpful attitude of the Modi government in extending a helping hand to the residual state of AP and distanced himself from BJP. Subsequently, Pawan’s party contested polls on its own. Due to the triangular fight that ensued causing major splits in votes, the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) headed by YS Jaganmohan Reddy emerged victorious with a huge margin of seats. YSRCP won 151 Assembly seats out of 175 in the House.

After realising the influence of Modi with his second consecutive victory in 2019, Pawan decided to have political friendship with BJP, which had declared Pawan as its official election partner in AP. Incidentally, Chandrababu Naidu also realised the importance of BJP. He stopped his efforts of uniting anti-Modi forces at the national level. Now Chandrababu is an undeclared friend of BJP. Both TDP and BJP have since understood the need for waging a war unitedly against Jagan.

With a plethora of charity programmes, Jagan has captured the hearts of the people. This aspect led Naidu and Pawan to announce that they will travel together in the future. Many believe that a potential TDP-JSP-BJP alliance could turn voters against the YSRCP.

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Given that Pawan was so important in the elections of 2014 and 2019, he might do better this time. In either case, he will remove Jaganmohan Reddy from office. Initiating a personal onslaught against Pawan Kalyan, the YSRCP has charged him with polygamy!

The Kapu community cannot currently be disregarded by any Chief Minister, not even Jaganmohan Reddy. Even Chandrababu Naidu, who is vying for the top spot, must respect the goals of the Kapu group. Pawan’s involvement with his friend BJP could be crucial. He could turn the tables on others if he teams up with TDP tomorrow.

Although though JSP barely has an organisational structure in Telangana, it has grown in power. Pawan supported the BJP during the GHMC elections, which the party won handily. In a similar vein, Pawan might enable the BJP to fulfil its ambition of taking over Telangana. BJP could gain from Pawan’s backing.

In this approach, Pawan has the capacity to directly affect voters in AP and indirectly affect voters in Telangana. #hydnews #hydkhabar #hydlive