Navratri is an auspicious occasion honoring the triumph of good over evil. During this festive season, Prodigy Finance would like to shed some light on your higher education finance options that can lead to victory in one’s life.

When it comes to studying abroad, one may believe that only the most affluent families can afford it, but this is just a myth. Anyone with the desire to pursue higher education abroad can now do so without having to ask their family for a co-signer or keep any collateral. Many aspirants experience financial stress related to co-signers and collateral issues when considering studying abroad for higher education, which has occasionally forced them to drop the idea.

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You can be a student who strives for better exposure or an employee working a 9 to 5 job. You can always change your circumstances by becoming a better version of yourself. For instance, improving your academic skills  may lead to better career opportunities and high-paying jobs. The best part is that you won’t need a co-signer or to use your family’s assets as collateral for these loans; all you need is a suitable finance lender.

Prodigy provides options for students without collateral or co-signers, as well as the advantages of paying back loans later once they have finished their studies, with a grace period of up to 6 months. The advantage of having a  grace period is that a student can settle down, find a good job, and begin repayment options.

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Prodigy has a wide selection of schools and courses that you can choose from, or if you have a school in mind find out if Prodigy supports it. Prodigy will make sure your international education is successful without worrying about your budget, which can also include the cost of tuition and living.

So what are you waiting for?  Start moving in the direction of career success. Don’t just upgrade your house or buy new clothes this festive season; instead, seize the opportunity for a better future. ■ #hydnews #khabarlive #hydkhabar