Aaramghar – refers to a government run facility where one can find comfort or relaxation, but unfortunately, it seems that this particular facility in Hyderabad isn’t fulfilling its purpose for the disabled and destitute. It’s concerning to hear that they’re not receiving the care and support they need. Is there more information available about the issues they’re facing?

Aaramghar – a place in Hyderabad which is now on fastest developing areas – named and run under government of Telangana supervision, the Aramghar home for disabled is wallowing in a negligible conditions, where ‘Aaram’ is almost ‘not possible’ for senior citizens residents, who face the mosquito terror, everyday. Wild boars are regular visitors to this premises to make more unhygienic and dirty apart from many difficulties.

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The centre is at a transit point between Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts on the busy national highway-44, which is named after ‘Aramghar’ due to close proximity to the disabled home. The centre is on a sprawling 16-acre campus, and is home to around 90 disabled, destitute and old age citizens left abandoned by their families.

Due to lack of proper patronage and sufficient funds from the government, this facility is in a shambles. The main structure with thatched roof lies amid dry bushes, acquiring a haunted look. The broken and dilapidated compound wall makes it completely unsafe for the inmates.

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“One could easily understand the situation as visitors and representatives of NGOs can’t even stand a few minutes of stay due to stinking environment with rampant mosquitoes presence,” says Sai Prasad Shastry, a community activist. This facility uses an auto to fetch cooked food for the inmates. However, the auto is completely worn out and at times, fragments of its worn out steel body fall in the meals.

“We have already left two acres of land for road out of a total of 18 acres, and only 16-acre area is presently left with us. There were plans to set up the district collectorate of Rangareddy and bus terminal in the open space, but the plans did not materialise due to various reasons. Compound wall often collapses due to vibrations from trains which pass by, close to the facility. GHMC staff often administer fogging to check mosquito menace, but it doesn’t suffice and the problem is back just after two hours,” informed Sk J Laal Basha, Superintendent, Aramghar Home for the Disabled. #hydnews #khabarlive