Sports has always had a large presence. Sometimes, we see them as more significant than life, regardless of whether we play for fun or pursue them professionally.

The sphere used to be more male-dominated. Michael Phelps, Diego Maradona and Michael Jordan used to take center stage. However, like much of history, women have always been working on things and fields they’re good at. Inevitably, they’d eventually take over sports. 

Serena and Venus Williams are the famous tennis sisters. Meanwhile, Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles dominates their sports. As a result, more women are now actively interested in sports. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular sports. 


Female sports is only complete with tennis. It has got Steffi Graff and Maria Sharapova on the map. It’s also a sport that has been bet on, much like the NBA odds. Many people tune in to follow the WTA and watch newer players pave the way for themselves. It was also produced by Naomi Osaka as well. Many women have also turned to the activity as a recreation. 

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Aside from its popularity, tennis helps one stay in shape and become more agile. The sport requires continuous movement, which means better flexibility. It is also a good option for cardio. Research findings indicate that recreational players can lose 600–1,200 calories per 2-hour training session. For people who want to become more fit and stay in shape, the prospect of tennis can be quite exciting. 

Tennis is a sport for all ages, no matter your age. 


Of course, basketball takes the second spot. The WNBA needs to catch up to the NBA. Catelyn Bird was first, followed by A’ja Wilson and Breanna Stewart at the helm. Many powerful women from the WNBA have inspired many girls to pursue basketball. 

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Basketball offers plenty of health benefits. It is an aerobic exercise that helps burn calories. It can also test your stamina and hand-eye coordination, build muscular endurance, and strengthen your core. 


Soccer takes our third spot. We’ve seen Bend It Like Beckham. And we know that soccer is a sport for the girls. FIFA leads the way in soccer, with many people playing it and many people being invested in the 2022 Women’s FIFA Cup. Notable global soccer players include Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd. 

If you get into the game, the change is physical. Soccer requires lower and upper body strength. However, since it is a team sport, you must also brush up on your people skills. 

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Lastly, softball is on the spot. Softball dates back to 1887 when Yale and Harvard played the first match. Softball is an easy game that continues to endure today—plenty of collegiate teams and players in the US, including Jennie Finch. 

The game needs you to be fast and on your feet. It’s also a good stress reliever. 

Wrapping Up

Women’s sports are on the rise. It is only fitting that we encourage ourselves to participate in sports. Not only are they great and fun, but they are also good for us to remain in shape and at our best. Sports can give you a lot of benefits, from social to mental aspects. #hydnews #khabarlive