Dubbed as an engineering marvel, the construction of the pillars between Parade Grounds and Secunderabad station is a significant milestone. These metro pillars are built over a flyover and another metro line and promise to change the skyline in the city .The pillars are at 65-feet the tallest among all three corridors and had to be raised to such a height to hover over a flyover and another metro corridor.

The pillars are 180-feet between each other and 65-feet in height. Hyderabad Metro Rail MD, NVS Reddy says, “The height had to be maintained as it has to go above the flyover and corridor 3. This was done without stopping regular traffic.” Thanks to precast segments, they were placed at night without causing inconvenience to general public.

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HMR is also planning for skywalks at Jubilee Bus Stop metro station and Paradise metro station with ample parking space. A senior official of HMR said that it is nothing short of an engineering marvel that people would realise when two metro trains move and vehicular traffic pass by one above the other. Hyderabad has not witnessed anything like this.

The metro project has several engineering challenges but the pillars between Paradise and Secunderabad were the most challenging say officials. The Hitec metro station too has to be over a flyover before it moves further to the left. In the entire metro rail has to hover above flyovers in more than a dozen locations on the 72-km stretch on three corridors. #KhabarLive