We’ve always read and been told that we have to stay away from fast food for as long and rightly so as once we crossed the bridge to the fast food side, none of us could truly quit it. A French fry here, a small bite of pizza there, one piece of sev puri, one pav with little bhaji will surely do no real harm right?

And suddenly those small bites become larger bites which then become one serving portion and then two and then you lose control and are into the fast food cycle. Fast food tends to tantalize our taste buds in multiple ways compromising our health. Let’s not miss out on our favourite fast food but simply look at how to make them healthy.

The yummy bhel with its chutpatta chutneys, onions, tomatoes, puffed rice, fried puri’s and sev. Just don’t put the fried puri’s and sev as it won’t compromise the taste. You will save yourself from pointless calories and bad quality food on your platter.

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Pav bhaji
Pav bhaji has become a staple fast food across the length and breadth of the country. It is actually quite healthy with the tomatoes, onions, peas, and masalas. Opt to have a whole grain bread instead of the standard white flour pav with it.

A sandwich with all the vegetables and chutneys is definitely a healthy option. You can get it at road sides, stations, school canteens, airports and restaurants. You just have to be smart enough to look for wholegrain breads and see that it is packed with vegetables.

Pizza has become an ominous food. You find it at all functions and parties and it has become a staple on our dining table as a roti. Try to choose a whole wheat base pizza which is loaded with vegetables. The best part about this is that there are no rules- whatever you’ve got can be tossed on it.

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This fast food is made of a white flour roti, deep fried cutlets and few veggies. Often there are choices of wraps like mushroom wrap, paneer wrap, chicken tikka wrap and ask for more vegetables and a wholegrain roti instead.

French fries
The potato can be eaten in any way we wish however our go-to is French fries which is fried and salty, both unhealthy. Try to eat potato in the form of roast potato, mashed potato, sautéed potato or jacket potato. Jacket potato is where the potato is steamed with the skin and vegetables are added to it along with salsa. This yummy way will allow you your daily dose of potato along with lots of veggies.

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Everybody loves a chaat whether it’s a papdi chaat, dahi wada chaat, aloo chaat, moong chaat or channa chaat, these fast foods are very healthy. A lot of times these are sprinkled with fries, so all you have to do is request them to not include it in your plate. They generally have chopped tomatoes and onions with a load of spices which are all beneficial to your health.

Basically, you don’t need to give up your fast food. You just have to make your fast food F.U.N that is fresh, unprocessed and natural. Open your eyes to what suits your body and what food will help you rather than harm you. Healthy fast food is a truly easy to follow concept! #Khabarlive

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