It’s time Hyderabad goes beyond biryani, badminton and Baahubali. We are no less when it comes to fashion. It is with this vision that Srinivas Sarakadam, the brain behind Hyderabad Events, has set out on a mission. A digital branding specialist for the last 15 years, Srinivas says that the city has a vast potential to rise in the field of fashion, like Mumbai and Bengaluru. “We have the best designers, fabrics, brands, clientele etc.

My dream is to bring together the entire fashion industry in the city under one roof and mark our presence in the fashion map and that is what I intend to achieve with the event titled Hyderabad Fashion Day,” he says. He has been in the city for over two decades and believes that the ease of business it provides is what made him get the city branding into the event title too. Although Hyderabad Fashion Day’s grand finale is on February 24, two pre-events on January 28 and February 11 will serve as a run-up to the big day.

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The event, he says, will not just stick to high fashion with a ramp walk or two but will dive deeper into all aspects of fashion – from stalls, workshops, product displays to B2B activities etc. He feels that it has been a year since he set up the Hyderabad Events company and he has gained adequate hands-on experience in conducting high profile events and the Hyderabad Fashion Day will mark the culmination of one year of his hard work.

The pre-events will invite models, designers, photographers, fashion choreographers to display their talent and 50 models and 10 designers will be shortlisted after each pre-event thus featuring 100 models and 20 designers for the finale. “During the pre-events, we are offering them free photoshoots and grooming sessions all under the registration fee. We make sure the fashion industry in the city will interact with each other to work with synergy”. We will also get jewellery designers, hair stylists, image consultants and conduct sessions on career opportunities in the industry.

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“A few top movie directors will be at the final event so that they get introduced to new talent and can give them opportunities in the entertainment industry,” says Srinivas. He says everyone who is passionate about fashion should block their dates – January 28 and February 11 and the finale on February 24. #KhabarLive