Vineet Dhingra seems to be winning the hearts of many as right after his soul-touching ‘Meherbaan’, we are greeted with another timeless fusion to let our ears and hearts rejoice to. Vineet’s music never fails to stand out from the rest, bringing raw emotion to the hearts of those who listen to his work.Vineet sings soulfully of universal truths and powerful emotions—love, gratitude, and divine magic. His first song “Meherbaan” translates as “Grateful” and combines the beautiful words and music relevant not only to romantic love that survives physical distance and traumas such as war but also to the range of the emotions of gratitude that make life worth living. It is quite safe to say that his recent work, ‘MaulaTu hi Tu Miley’, has already redefined the feeling of love, gratitude towards life and has made listeners and fans’ souls transcend into a whole new reality. In “MaulaTu Hi Tu Miley” (meaning “may you always meet me”) Vineet’s poignant words and uplifting voice praise the Divine. Accepting that not a single human breath can exist without divine intervention, the song invites listeners to surrender ego and recognize the transcendent power of the Universe.

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‘MaulaTu Hi Tu Miley’ talks about a journey of strength and love through life. Vineet has created a masterpiece through integrating the music and the song with a heart-warming music video as well. Starring AahanaKumra from the infamous ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’, the music video is filled with romantic bliss that lightens not just listeners’ but also the viewers’ moods. The touching video, set against a gorgeous scenic mountain backdrop laments a super athlete’s loss of physical mobility. And yet without melodrama, it allows an empathic connection with those who suffer challenges and yet overcome them by transforming obstacles into spiritual blessings —love, joy, hope, and the miracle of being alive.The song explores the idea of ‘Fath in The Divine” and sketches out the strength humans find despite troubles in life and encourages listeners to find the beautify and magic in life. The soothing melody lets go of earthly tethers and elates human emotions with it.

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Through words brilliantly crafted with tunes that compliment it, alongside a visually aesthetic video to add to the effect, Vineet takes us all on a journey of love that not only shows us his talent of voice but also his composing ability as well.

The essence of pure romance is expressed wonderfully through his vocals and is made even better by his love for the same melodies. Vineet’s favourite artists include Jagjit Singh, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh and Arijit Sing. He has also brought laurels to himself by working on independent projects with a few Bollywood directs and he is also expecting to be a playback singer in a few upcoming films in the next term. His music can be found on his YouTube Channel – Vineet Dhingra Music. Song Link: #KhabarLive