Several leaders visit the three centuries old shrine during elections to seek the blessings. Yousufain Dargah which is also known as the Nampally Dargah, continues to draw huge crowds even after nearing the age of 300 years. Two ‘saints’ Hazrath Syed Shah Yousufuddin and Syed Shah Sharifuddin who were military commanders in the Army of the last Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, were buried at the Darga.

According to the caretaker of the Dargah Abu Fatah Syed Shabbir Hussaini, Aurangzeb had sought their help in conquering the Kingdom of Golconda, a well-defended fort atop a granite hill. Legend has that during the siege of Golconda Aurangzeb’s Army camped around the fort for months at stretch trying to take control of the fort. One night there was a hurricane that swept over the camped troops and blew away almost everything. Only one tent remained in which the candle was burning.

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“When the troops arrived at the tent they could see the shadows of two men inside. Upon investigating, they found that it was the tent of two of the commanders of Aurangzeb. They had been reading the Quran in candlelight, and the storm blew over, but did not disturb them or their surroundings, said Nizam Baba, son of the caretaker who looks after the affairs at the shrine.

They were made famous by this incident and recognised as great saints. When they died, they were buried in the village of Nampally. “People of all caste and creeds visit the shrine on all days. Heavy rush is witnessed here on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays,” said Nizam Baba. #KhabarLive

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