The locality is home to the grave of the great architect and sufi Hussain Shah Wali. When it comes to names of Hyderabadi localities and mohallas named after eminent persons and religious places, there are many of them, Dargah being one such place. Located beyond Tolichowki, near Shaikpet naala is the grave of the great Sufi, architect, engineer and army commander, Hussain Shah Wali, the son-in-law of Ibrahim Qutb Shah and husband of princess Khairiat-un-nissa Begum. The entire area surrounding his grave is known as Dargah.

Born in the family of Hazrat Khwaja Bandanawaz Gesudaraz of Gulbarga in Bidar, his real name was Syed Abdullah Naseeruddin Shah Hussain Abi Abdullah. A man of extraordinary caliber and vision, his repute soon spread throughout Golconda. The famous Hussain Sagar lake was constructed under his supervision from 1591-1593. Not many know that the lake was a source of employment for thousands of workers where ration was given instead of wages. It’s construction took two years and seven lakh rupees. When the tank was constructed, the original name was Ibrahim Sagar, but later on, it became famous as Hussain Sagar.

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There’s a mosque near his grave which is a fine example of magnificent architecture. The entry is through two arched gateways lying in the centre of a two-storey rectangular building. The dome bears similarity to the tombs of the Qutb Shahi rulers. A naqqar khana (drum house) with a beautiful fountain lies opposite the tomb across the road.

A little away from the tomb of Hazrat Hussain Shah Wali is an old double-storey building with an imposing shuttered balcony. According to the caretaker of the haveli, it belonged to one Nawab Dastagir, who had eleven wives. The upper storey has a large hall with rooms on either side. The exquisite wooden carvings on the doors, arches and balcony are in a bad condition, having lost its beauty due to negligence. It seems Nawab used to dine here along with his eleven wives on a long dining table. When this version was cross checked it was found that this haveli was built during the second Asaf Jah, Nawab Mir Nizam Ali Khan’s time, for the family members coming here to pay tribute to Dargah.

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In the vicinity to this place lies buried another sufi who had protected Golconda for five decades and had to leave his seat on the command of Hazrat Yousuf Sahib and Hazrat Shareef Sahib. The sufi was called Hazrat Syed Shah Meeran Hussaini Mochi (cobbler) whose grave lies between two massive rocks, resting on one another.

It is said that following his departure from the Golconda fort area, the fort fell into clutches of the Mughal army of Aurangzeb. #KhabarLive