The Reddy Community is one of the Politically important communities in Telangana but its supremacy is being challenged post TRS coming to power. Since then, the community is feeling ignored and insulted by the government. Recently, some TRS leaders have made insulting comments on the community.

The issue had reached KCR and he has started corrective measures. All of sudden, Reddy hostel 149th Jayanthi Celebrations in Rangareddy were planned. Besides the celebrations, KCR gave full-page advertisements in all leading Newspapers today about giving 10 acres land and 10 crores for Reddy Hostel. It has to be seen if this will pacify the Reddy community?

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Despite the attempts of Revanth Reddy to portray the Congress as a Reddy party and TRS as a Velama bastion, by and large, the Reddy community in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as well, largely seems to be in favour of KCR coming back to power according to reports of the Intelligence Bureau.

And the reason isn’t because KCR has delivered astounding results as a Chief Minister.

The Reddy community of Telangana had always been followers of YSR and following his death, they backed YS Jagan. But they could not support him politically because of the Telangana agitation.

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Although the State may have been bifurcated, there are still a huge number of die-hard YSR loyalists in Telangana among many sections of the poor who had benefitted immensely from the welfare schemes of YSR.

The Reddys are especially keen on KCR coming to power again as they believe that if the Congress-TDP alliance comes to power, they will create further hurdles for YS Jagan regarding the Court cases. Comparatively, KCR is more favorably inclined to YS Jagan.

The Reddys feel that Revanth is merely acting on the instructions of Chandrababu Naidu who is increasingly losing ground by the day to YS Jagan.

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Chandrababu still calls the shots in the judiciary and he allegedly has a good number of them in his pocket.

It is precisely for this reason that he has not allowed the separate High Court to come up in AP. If that happens, YS Jagan’s cases will then be tried in Hyderabad where he will no longer have any clout and KCR will call the shots.

Therefore, the Reddys of Telangana will support KCR in the best interests of YS Jagan. #KhabarLive