TRS may be fighting with its back to the wall and the Congress may be looking upbeat. There may be great anger against the TRS for its non-performance and for going back on the assurances given to the people. But, the TRS seems least bothered. Insiders still say that the party can win at least 60 seats.

What is the reason for this self-assurance? TRS insiders say that the party has put in motion several works at the ground level. It is weaning away lower level leaders like MPPs, MPTCs and sarpanches from the Congress. It is buying them off with lure of money, positions of power and even plain threats.

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This will make things difficult for the Congress as it will not have ground-level workers who can mobilize the people to the polling booths. The TRS, with its well-oiled machine of party workers at the grassroots level, will ensure that all the pro-TRS voters reach the booths and cast votes in favour of the party. This way, it will ensure that the anger against the TRS is not channelized into votes.

It is also planning to cause major upsets just ahead of elections. Remember last time while KCR was fighting from Gajwel, he caused a major upset by bringing Congress candidate Narsi Reddy to share stage with him and pledge his support to KCR. This was a major shock to the Congress then.

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This time too, similar things could happen, say shources. Intel agencies are now tasked with several jobs including weaning away lower level Congress workers to render Congress candidates helpless.#KhabarLive