The #KhabarLive Opinion Poll conducted by The Team Flash and VDA Associates indicates TRS is likely to emerge as a single largest party in Telangana with the upcoming Assembly Polls scheduled to happen in December this year.

Telangana Assembly Elections 2018 – Opinion Poll (119 Seats):

  • TRS: 50-60 Seats
  • Congress+ Mahakutami: 30-40 Seats
  • AIMIM: 3-5 Seats
  • BJP: 7-10 Seats
  • Others: 4 Seats

If these results are any indication, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will have the last laugh. While Congress could manage just 30 seats, None of the other parties of Grand Alliance could win even more than 8-10 seats collectively. AIMIM will get close at 5 seats, BJP, on the other hand, succeeds in retaining its 5 seats. #KhabarLive