The Mahakutami is facing the biggest dilemma – Where will the bosses of friendly parties contest from? This is a strange predicament for them as TDP Telangana chief L Ramana, CPI’s Chada Venkat Reddy and Telangana Jana Samiti’s Kodandaram are finding it very difficult to get a seat to contest from.

With the Kutami deciding that only winning horses would be given seats, Kodanda, Ramana and Chada are in a dilemma.

LV Ramana is from Jagityal, but the seat is held by Congress party’s heavy weight Jeevan Reddy. Jeevan held the seat even during the TRS wave in 2014. Naturally, he is a strong contender. Though there are reports that Ramana may sacrifice Jagityal for winnable Jeevan Reddy, nothing is clear as of now.

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Similar is the case of Chada Venkat Reddy, who won from Husnabad in 2004. Currently A Praveen Reddy of the Congress is a strong contender from this seat. He has already launched his campaign in a big way. So, what will happen to Chada? Will he be asked to contest from another seat or will Praveen Reddy be asked to opt out? An interesting fight indeed.

Ditto with Prof Kodandaram. He wants to contest from Mancheriyal or from Warangal West. We need to see where from he would contest. In Warangal West, he has N Rajender Reddy and Vem Narender Reddy of the Congress vying for the seat. So, will Kodandaram get it or not. Let’s wait and see how Mahakutami unties this knot!! #KhabarLive