Are MBBS students at some private medical colleges not being taught one of the basic subjects Human Anatomy using dead bodies? Telangana Junior Doctors Association (TJUDA) members alleged so. The subject Human Anatomy is taught during first year of MBBS course by dissecting a dead body.

Budding doctors are taught about internal parts, bones, veins, muscles and other aspects of human body. This helps in understanding other subjects such as Physiology which is about functions of different parts.

In a representation submitted to Director of Medical Education (DME) Dr K Ramesh Reddy, the JUDA’s chairman Dr PS Vijayender said that a private medical college did not teach the subject by dissecting dead bodies. He alleged that around 16 students have failed in this subject because of the issue.

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“This will lead to fall of standards in medical education. If the basics are not taught, how would one understand functions of human body and other subjects?” questioned Dr Vijayender.

In another representation submitted to Health department’s officials, JUDA members requested officials to establish emergency medicine and family medicine departments in all government medical colleges. They stated that this will also help in creating more postgraduate seats in government medical colleges.#KhabarLive

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