Any election big or small is a test for all candidates. But it is a litmus test for the new ones who are testing political waters and face tough fight from the old horses who know the ways very well. In these Assembly elections from TRS, seven candidates are contesting for the second time and four members are facing elections for the first time.

While from Congress, except Bhongir candidate Kumbam Anil Reddy, all other candidates in rest of 11 constituencies are having sufficient experience in politics. MLC Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy and ZP chairman Balunaik of Congress party are contesting as party MLA candidates from Munugodu and Devarakonda Assembly constituencies.

New faces testing their luck
Four new faces contesting for the first time to the Assembly from erstwhile Nagonda district including Shanampudi Saidi Reddy of TRS from Huzurnagar, Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy of Congress from Munugodu, R Krishnaiah of Congress from Miryalguda and Kumabam Anil Reddy of Bhongir Assembly constituency.

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One more chance to old faces
Both Congress and TRS have given one more chance to last time defeated candidates, of these Bollam Mallaiah who contested from TDP for Kodad constituency shifted his loyalty to TRS and contesting from the same constituency this time, whereas Nomula Narsimhaiah of TRS who lost the election against Jana Reddy from Nagarjuna Sagar constituency again got one more opportunity to prove his mettle.

Meanwhile, Congress candidates who lost elections in 2014 in erstwhile Nalgonda district fielded same persons from the same constituencies as People’s Front candidates namely Budida Bixamaiah Goud( Aler), Chirumarthi Lingaiah(Nakrekal), Ramreddy Damoder Reddy (Suryapet) and Addanki Dayakar of Tungaturthi, in these constituencies new candidates from TRS won the election in 2014.

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Five candidates of TRS did not get chance this time 
TRS has given tickets to both winners and losers but did not give ticket to five old candidates and were replaced by new candidates.

TRS Nalgonda constituency former incharge Dubbaka Narsimha Reddy who stood in third position in 2014 election was replaced by Bhupal Reddy who shifted loyalty from TDP to TRS. Expressing his anger Dubbaka Narsimha Reddy joined Congress couple of days ago.

Also, TRS denied ticket to Alugubelly Amarender Reddy who had lost the election against Nallamothu Basker Rao in Miryalguda constituency and was replaced by Nallamothu Basker Rao who shifted loyalty to TRS. Expressing his anger Amarender Reddy joined Congress before announcement of the election notification.

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TRS also replaced Shanapudi Saidi Reddy in place of Telangana martyr Srikantha Cahry’s mother Shankaramma from Huzurnagar constituency, Lalu Naik was replaced by CPI MLA Ravindra Naik from Deverakonda, so also, party constituency incharge Shashidar Reddy was replaced by Bollam Mallaiah Yadav of TDP who had joined the TRS.

TRS changed five old faces by new candidates to give tough fight to Congress party which has strong base in erstwhile Nalgonda in the Sssembly elections slated to be held on December 7. #KhabarLive