Despite India’s rising love for international cuisines, Indian cuisine took the top spot as the most savoured across the country, a study by Uber Eats has revealed.

The company conducted an analysis of orders received in the past the last six months, which revealed that Indian cuisine trumped American and Chinese food – which were placed second and third respectively on the list – to be the most favoured one.

For breakfast, it was variations of Indian cuisine all the way with paratha, masala dosa, poha, idli and samosa being the top 5 items ordered. Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines were placed fourth and fifth on the list.

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“While Indian cuisine still stands as the consumer’s top food preference in the country, there is a huge demand for a larger choice and selection of cuisines,” said Deepak Reddy, the Head of Central Operations at Uber Eats India.

The study also found that Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai were the top cities that ordered the maximum Indian cuisine. Indore, Delhi and Bengaluru recorded the highest cravings for classic American food, with ‘Veg Hot Dog’ and ‘Chicken Burgers’ topping charts.

The cities that craved Chinese in 2018 were Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. While Delhi ordered baskets of chilli potatoes, Mumbai loves a full-fledged Chinese meal inclusive of Fried Rice and Chicken Chilli Gravy.

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Another global sensation savoured across the nation in 2018 is Italian. Mumbai recorded the highest number of orders for cheesy Italian delights. Not to be left far behind, Delhi and Pune gobbled down large quantities of flavourful Italian food, primarily cheese loaded pizzas.

Indians also love relishing tangy and spicy flavours of Thai food, the study found. The popularity of this cuisine is seen highest among the cities of Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. Chennai, Bengaluru and Coimbatore are the top three cities that opted for middle-eastern dishes.

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In India, Uber Eats was first launched in Mumbai in May 2017 and is currently present in 37 cities across the country. #KhabarLive