The Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan, who is known for his uniqueness has once again raised the heartbeat of the fans with the latest pictures that have gone viral over the social media.

As part of the election campaign, Janasenani was in Krishna district, where he has to attend public meetings at Nuzvid, Mylavaram, Vijayawada West, Vijayawada East, Vijayawada Central Assembly constituencies.

During the tour of the district, Pawan Kalyan has taken time for a break at an agriculture farmhouse. Where the pictures of him have gone viral over social media.

Politicians indulge in all sort of tricks during election campaign. Some leaders cut hair of customers in saloons, some prepare mirchi bajji at roadside bandi, some even help cleaning the dishes, all for the sake of publicity.

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These scenes we regularly see in Andhra and Telangana during the election period.

Pawan Kalyan is also doing similar acts. He is sitting on the floor and eating “jowar rice” in a clay earthen plate.

On a campaign trail, he is taking rest at roadside and giving “poses” for the camera that he is sitting on the floor and having food like a common man.

Before the election phase began, he used to travel on special chopper flight for even shortest distances in Andhra Pradesh.

He enjoyed all the luxuries. But his team is now “feeding” us the photos of the Jana Sena leader feeding the cattle, having tea in his car, eating food in an earthen plate.

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In the pictures, PK was seen relaxing at the back side of his SUV drinking tea, that too in his favorite glass teacup.

From the time of Gabbar Singh shotting, it’s like Pawan Kalyan has fallen in love with tea that too in a glass cup. During the Janasena manifesto release, he has opened up more on this issue.

The glass teacup, which is known as the identification of a common man. while seeking the party elections symbol he wished to get it.

Making his wish realizing the EC has allocated glass teacup as the Jana Sena Party election symbol. For the coming elections, Pawan Kalyan will be contesting elections for the first time from two Assembly segments Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram.

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For which he has already had filed the nomination for Gajuwaka Assembly constituency. Janasena with the alliance of Left parties and BSP is contesting in the 2019 elections.

A leader needs to tell us what he would do for the poor and for the public if he/she gets elected. This “acting” doesn’t help. Why does one need this drama when intent is right?

Anyone can easily guess that he is doing all for shutterbugs. #KhabarLive