Germaphobe or not, carrying a hand sanitiser wherever we go has become a norm. This habit which slowly turns into an obsession, so much so, it defeats the whole point of keeping ourselves away from any disease making us more vulnerable.

While getting rid of bad bacteria and germs that usually feast on our skin is a sensible idea, obsessing over sanitisers is not all good. As the saying goes – “Too much is too bad” and it’s time to achieve the moderation when it comes to hand sanitisers.

The magic word that attracts almost everybody. Did you know that your obsession with antibiotic/antibacterial sanitisers is giving rise to an army of superbugs? These superbugs (virus and bacteria) are resistant to antibiotics.

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These superbugs have already caused around 23,000 deaths in 2013 according to the announcement made by CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention). And, this is the reason why it is suggested to use hand sanitiser in moderation.

Chemical action
As consumers, we are way too far away from the manufacturing process. We don’t know what ingredients are being used in any product. What is giving out the fragrance? What substance is killing the germs? – we never know. All we know is that there is some kind of chemical doing the deed. The more enigmatic the process, the more is your need to worry.

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Immunity wise
With an aim to not fall sick, are we actually putting our immunity at stake with this sanitiser obsession? Well, yes! That’s exactly what we are doing. Hand sanitisers kill both good and bad bacteria.

So, in this battle, bad soldiers are slayed and good soldiers are martyred because sanitisers can’t figure out who’s on our side and who’s not! Now, keep this in mind while rubbing the cold liquid on to your hands.

Dry, dry, dry
Last, but not the least, we all know that sanitisers make your hands extremely dry. That’s because the alcohol present in the liquid strips off all the essential oils present on the skin along with the bacteria.

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Also, scientists have actually proved that alcohol actually damages skin cells. Sanitisers irritate your skin, strip away natural oils and acid mantle, dehydrate cells, and increase the risk of contact dermatitis.
So it’s high price to pay to (apparently) stay 99.9 percent clean, isn’t it? #KhabarLive