A humble gesture towards his public service to kill the hunger, a techie contributing a meal for hungry, needy and everyone daily in Hyderabad. This laudable effort is getting praised by everybody in Hyderabad.

An auto trolley arrives at Niloufer Hospital every Saturday sharp at 6 pm. Its arrival is enough to brings smile on the faces of patients and their attendants, for it brings steaming hot and delicious food to them, free of cost. The man behind their smiling faces is Sainath Trivedi, an MNC employee who has been feeding the needy since the past one and a half year.

“The idea of feeding the needy had been with me since the last four to five years, but it never really panned out. Finally, like everybody who takes a resolution to do something better in the new year, I started serving food to the needy from January 1, 2018,” Sainath shares. Every weekend, as soon as the auto arrives, the aroma of food fills the air and people make a beeline to relish the sambar, curry, chutney, curd with rice which are served in disposable plates. The menu changes every week and sweets like Paramannam and Kesari halwa are also included twice a month. There is no limit to the food, which is served till the end of the day.

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Initially, Sainath had to save money from his salary and later support came in from colleagues and friends. “We do not pay anybody as at end of the day, it is service to the needy. We work with small funds. Optimal use of funds can only be possible, if food is served on one’s own,” he explains.

Unlike some people who take resolutions and later forget about them, Sainath has been serving 450 people every Saturday without fail. He chose Niloufer Hospital to distribute meals as people come from far off places and don’t have access to hygienic food. The nutritious meals are all home-cooked which are also packed for patients in the hospital.

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“I work in the nights shift and reach home at 5.30 am on Saturday. I sleep for about half an hour and later start cooking. We do not hire anybody to cook the food, everything is done in-house including preparing masalas. My mother and my wife are the backbone behind the cooking,” shares Sainath who works as a Campaign Integration Manager in Franklin Templeton Investments.

As someone who wants to give back to the Army and farmer community of the country, the 39-year-old adds, “I think serving a meal once a week, is my way of giving back to them. I also plan to serve people at another government hospital and breakfast for candidates who attend the Army recruitment rally in the city.” #KhabarLive