Planning to spend your weekend away from the city’s din and hustle, bustle, soak in nature’s greenery and breath some fresh air? A drive to Nirmal could be a good idea, with the journey itself being a soothing experience.

From picturesque waterfalls to a wildlife sanctuary and temples, Nirmal has all these and much more. Located 212 km from the city, Nirmal is steadily turning out to be a favourite tourist destination for those in the city, with the Telangana Tourism Department too now ensuring facilities are available for visitors.

“We will provide packages to visitors if there is a group of at least 20. Slowly the places in Nirmal are gaining attention and it can be a tourist hub in future. One can plan a trip for a day or two, depending on the number of places they want to visit,” a senior official said. One attraction in Nirmal is the Kadam dam. Located across the Kadam River, this tributary of Godavari enters the State from Maharashtra. The dam, situated amid scenic hillocks and verdant greenery, makes an ideal destination for nature lovers and for those who want to go boating.

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If the gushing water from the dam’s floodgates during monsoon isn’t awe-inspiring enough, one can head to the Pochera waterfalls, just about 37 km from Nirmal town. One of the deepest waterfalls in Telangana, the greenery around Pochera is untouched by urbanisation. Adding a spiritual touch to the location is the Narsimha Swamy temple near the waterfall.

That is not all. When in Nirmal, the Kuntala waterfall has to be on the list. About 40 km from the town, surrounded by valleys, dense forests with chirping birds, Kuntala offers the option of trekking too. The water gushes through rocks making its own path from a height of 200 feet and splits into multiple streams.

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Nirmal also has the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the major sanctuaries in the State. Spread over a whopping 893 sq km, this fascinating sanctuary of deciduous teak forests is home to a wide variety of animals, including tigers, barking deer, panther, Cheetal, Sambar and Nilgai.

Visitors can enjoy the sunset from newly constructed watchtowers at Dongapally and Alinagar villages and can visit the Haritha Jungle Resort in Jannaram as well.

Another spot near Nirmal is the Kadile Papahareshwara temple. En route this divine place, you can see the Satmala hills by crossing a few villages.

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