Coronavirus scare is also impacting the functioning of the judiciary in Telangana as the High Court on Wednesday directed all courts in the state to exempt the petitioners and accused in all cases from personal appearance.

The High Court gave the orders to courts with a view to reduce the footfall in their premises. This was felt necessary in view of the increasing number of coronavirus cases.

The High Court made it clear that such petitioners and accused will not be marked absent and no adverse action would be initiated against them.

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High Court Registrar General Venkateswara Reddy issued a circular in this regard, giving necessary instructions to district-level judicial officers.

The officers were asked not to insist on the presence of accused and production of the accused from jails. They were also directed not to pass any adverse orders against the parties/accused, who remained absent.

The Registrar General also gave instructions to the courts on the steps required for sanitation in the court premises. They were asked to provide sanitisers and soaps in toilets in the premises, also take necessary steps to maintain hygiene and make masks available to all the officers, staff and litigants visiting the courts.

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They were also advised to ensure that at least two doctors are available in district court complexes and one in other places, when needed to deal with suspected cases of coronavirus. The judicial officers will coordinate with the district medical and health offices for this.

All the courts were also directed to advise the officers and staff on care and precautions. #KhabarLive